Dot is an alias for Sitra, namely her identity Doctor Dorothea Janet Johnson Winfield, created after her return in a cloned body. Only Doc and his fellow DV-8s, Chips, Zany and Sitra’s mother , brother Rajiv and friend Henrietta know of this. Dr Maroni was given little information when performing her slight plastic surgeries.

Alternate Bio

DOB: April 8, 2034

Gender: Female Age: 26
Height: 6’0" Weight: 150
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
SIN: Legal

Dot grew up in Santa Clara, CFS; the only child of Jane and John Johnson. They were mid level managers in a small scale nano-technology firm. She studied medicine at Santa Jose State University and performed well. During her sophomore year, her parents were killed in a tragic automobile accident when returning from a visit to her. She was able to sell her parents’ assets and complete her education. She specializes in emergency medicine.

She and Charlie Winfield met through a matrix dating service. He was grief- stricken after the passing of his fiancee’ Sitra. Dot had the screen name “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” and Charlie had the name “Love’s Labour’s Lost”. Their relationship budded on the matrix and bloomed. They exchanged visits a few times before he proposed to her on November 3, 2060 and she relocated and moved in with him. She and Charles were married on January 29, 2061.

Dot is employed as a nursing assistant at Reliable Health Care.

She gave birth to Prisha Susanna on April 15, 2061

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