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I Think I’m Turning Japanese

Our weekly outing with the Ambrose’s had been cancelled due to the recent events, so we decided to postpone until the following Friday, March 11th. It was Dot’s turn to choose, and she decided that we would do a Japanese themed night in the International District, just south of Downtown.

We met Dane and Allie at the Foreign Cinema there and sat through two hours of classic Japanese cinema, depicting the Seven Samurai. My knowledge of Japanese helped understand it a little better than the others, but it was a little confusing, though still good.

From there, we went to Mikado, a Teppanyaki restaurant. Dot knew that Pariah wouldn’t have cared for a sushi bar, so this was a good compromise. We were seated next to a mother and her two children. The kids were cute, and the mother spoke to Zany about her pregnancy. Dot just stared at them with a smile. I know that she wants children and as a matter of fact we have an appointment scheduled with a fertility specialist recommended by Dr. Muir.

The meal was quite good and I think everyone had a good time. Towards the end of our meal, the mother and children excused themselves to use the facilities. A minute or two later, Zany says ‘Ever since that movie, all I have been thinking about is dressing Dane up in his helmet and mask and nothing else and having him ravish my fields.’ I then suggested, “You can use my sword too”. At that point, Zany said: Dot, I thought you said that Charlie wasn’t into threesomes and foursomes. The chef burst out laughing. I thought about it for a second and tried to rapidly change the subject.

I quietly finished the rest of my meal, and then we headed to our last stop, which was a Karaoke / dance club down the street. The line for entering the place was a little long, but moved quickly. As we were waiting, the wall was written with names of people who had been trapped inside the Renraku Arcology. As we walked along, Pariah stopped a moment and said, “What?!?” We turned and looked at him and saw that his finger was pointing to the name Tatiana Rastovitch. Zany then says that Drake’s sister is also in there. I then asked “Drake has a sister?” Pariah looked at me and shrugged his shoulders with a quizzical expression. Dot looked at me strangely like I had two heads; I guess she knew too.

The rest of the evening, while the girls were dancing and swaying to the music, Pariah and I discussed if we could and should do anything about the events at the arcology. While we were deep in discussion and after I had several Loco Lemonades, Dot grabbed my hand and Zany grabbed Pariah’s, and before we knew it, we were being forced to sing “Turning Japanese”. It apparently wasn’t the best rendition the crowd heard before, as only one person clapped when we were done. They must have been deaf.

Seven Months in Tibet

The following day, Dot and I had to go to Uncle Walter’s for a surprise reception for my cousin Henry who was coming home from a stint in Tibet – you know the one with the purple potato salad. A huge crowd was there, mostly Aunt Elizabeth’s family. Henry had always been one of her favorite nephews. It was good to catch up with that end of the family, and I could tell that some of them had a little more respect for me, though I overheard on more than occasion “that’s the one that was in prison”.

About an hour into the event, there was a hush as a taxi pulled up to the curb. We all had to remain quiet and wait inside the door for our guest of honor to enter. When the door opened, in walked a man with a shaved head, sandals and reddish orange robes. Elizabeth came out immediately and said “We don’t want whatever you are selling”. The man replied, “Aunt Elizabeth, it is me, Henry.” She suddenly said that she was feeling ill and left the room. Uncle Walter quickly welcomed Henry in. The family was largely silent, as they had never guessed that Henry would want to become a Buddhist monk. I guess what else do you do after going to Tibet to find yourself. I welcomed him home; I guess I wasn’t the only one that was a black sheep of the family now.

Several minutes later Uncle Walter went to check on Aunt Elizabeth. I followed a little after to see if she needed any medical assistance. When I approached the door to knock, I overheard Aunt Elizabeth saying, there’s another one that has to be out of our will. I won’t leave anything to a heathen like that. Uncle Walter replied that he needed as many friends as possible, as the next election might be a difficult one for him. She asked him for a valium and said that she would be down in a minute. As I was walking away, I heard him say: You said the same thing about Charlie years ago, and I told you I would be able to use him to get what I need. I think that will prove true. When the knob on the door turned, I decided I did not want to be seen outside of the door and walked quickly away.

A Genetic Anomaly

The day came for our meeting with the doctor at the fertility clinic; ironically, it was right next to an abortion clinic.

We had to wait a few minutes in the reception area and then got to see the doctor, Dr. Nguyen. We spoke with the doctor about our hopes of having children and our lack of success. The doctor evaluated Dot and said that she seemed to be in prime child bearing condition. He then took an X ray and disappeared.

He came back a little later with one of the fellow doctors. He said that he discovered what was wrong. Dot had a fully functioning reproductive system except for the fact that her ovaries were empty. She still has a normal cycle, but for the fact no eggs are released. Though the doctor called it a genetic anomaly. I call it a clone body that wasn’t designed to bare children. The doctor mentioned that he didn’t think her uterus would support a baby anyway. She was in tears when we left the appointment. I guess there is always adoption, or surrogacy with a donated ovum.

Downtime - doc

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