Dragon Flight Charter Services

Ares Dragon Rotocraft

Type: Charter Airline
Located: Seattle, UCAS
Headquarters: Snohomish District
Founded In (By): Seattle, UCAS (M. Dotes)
Years Active: 2054-Current
Owner: M. Dotes
Employees: 1-5 (estimated)

A small, local charter airline that promises air travel anywhere in the world. Their fleet of aircraft is small but versatile; and offers everything from luxury commuter service to cargo delivery.

Aside from a small maintenance & attendant crew, the owner is also the only pilot on staff. The airline’s location is something of a mystery, as no street address is advertised. While the preponderance of amphibious craft might suggest Seattle’s waterfront, that could simply be the by-product of their “go anywhere” business model.

The company is well known to the Shadowrun community, as the owner is rumored to be a former shadowrunner, himself. Whether or not their is any truth to such gossip, Dragon Flight has been linked to a host of shady transport operations, from Carib League BTL smuggling to arms transporting. In today’s cut-throat business world, luxury corporate users enjoy using this perception to project a tough image of their own.

Vehicle Fleet:
Ares “Dragon” Rotocraft w/ floatation package
– Standard Cargo Module, 1000 cf cargo capacity
– Executive Cargo Module, luxury first class seating for 10
– Commuter Cargo Module, economy class seating for 40

Fiat Fokker “Cloud Nine” Amphibian Monoplane

Hawker-Siddley HS-895 Skytruck
– Standard Model w/ VSTOL, can land on runways as small as 250 m.

Dragon Flight Charter Services

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