The DV-8’s (pronounced ‘deviates’) are a group of Shadowrunners that have been operating in Seattle since almost six months ago.

Type: Shadowrunner Group
Located: The Clubhouse, 2253 NE 3rd St, Renton, UCAS
Founded In (By): Seattle, UCAS (Doc, Pariah, Scratch, Red & Yin)
Years Active: 2060-Current
Membership: 5

Origin of the name
The name deviates was taken from a news spot addressing the end of a murderous rampage of joyboys and joygirls on the streets of Redmond. An interview by Candy Ward of Seattle’s Channel 77 Action News with an anonymous man, identifying himself only using the moniker Pariah, claimed that he and a few other ‘concerned citizens’ had ended the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders by killing the suspected attacker in a shootout just moments before. They had left the scene before the reporter was able to get more information. In her wrap-up, she summarized the group that had just left, as ‘social deviates, who were willing to take matters into their own hands.’ Shortly thereafter, an associate of theirs began to identify them (albeit, mockingly) as deviates – the name stuck.

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