President/CEO: Jessica Sirianni
Headquarters: Corson Avenue and East Marginal Way, Downtown Seattle
Seattle’s number one corporation is Federated-Boeing, maker of high-tech avionics, aircraft and aerospace systems. FB is the largest employer in the metroplex, with plants and facilities all over Seattle. Federated-Boeing produces aircraft ranging from the massive Boeing 828 to tiny aerial drones, including helicopters, tilt-rotor craft, jet planes, military fighters and the largest line of remote-piloted aircraft in the world. The company also builds ships and other types of vehicles.
Of course, FB’s still small compared to giants like Ares and Mitsuhama, two companies with which it regularly deals. Both megacorps have tried to buy out FB at various points and failed, and both have dealt with the corporation as a competitor and a sub-contractor. Federated-Boeing maintains its independence for the moment, but the possibility of a hostile takeover never really goes away.
Federated-Boeing does a lot of contract work for various governments with whom it has pull, including the UCAS, the CAS and the NAN. Internecine fighting and spying gets pretty heavy with projects like the company’s Raven and Eagle fighter planes, but FB somehow manages to keep its secrets long enough to come out on top.






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