Global Technologies

President/CEO: Urlan Manes
Headquarters: 1903 South 100th Avenue SE, Bellevue
A small, high-tech corporation specializing in simsense and skillsoft technology, Global made several developments in ASIST tech for use in the simsense industry, along with pioneering the combination of simsense and skillwire technology. The company produces some sims (mostly education and training softs) as well as skillwires and skill-chips. Several larger corporations have made bids to buy Global, but company president Urlan Manes thus far refuses to sell.

A Seattle-based SkillSoft company out of Bellvue. They are currently fighting a hostile takeover from Hollywood Simsense Entertainment.

Urlan Manes is the president.

Roxanne Wunter is Urlan’s secretary at Global Technologies.

Thomas Martelli Junior was a division president, before is death in a shootout at the Banshee.

Was developing a Prototype simsense chip that was stolen by thieves hired by Thomas Martelli Junior & Booker Pengrave.

Tee Hee, their prodigy programmer has been hired back to continue to work on the Prototype SimSense Chips.

Global Technologies

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