Home Sweet Home

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Zany and Dot waere there to meet us at the drop off spot. She was elated to see me, but I bet I was even more so to see her and see my beloved city. Though I had only been gone a matter of a month, it seemed like ages after all that had happened. We assisted Red out of the plane, and Dot glared at me. I told her, it was not as bad as it looks. After all, ever since the time of her injury, she hasn’t had an opportunity to start healing. I told her that I had already called Dr. Maroni and we were going to drop her off there for treatment. Dot and I needed to spend some time together after that ordeal.

Pariah and Allie offered us the use of their cabin at the lake, but for now I didn’t feel like leaving town. Dot said that the new apartment looked great and that it was almost fully decorated after she, Allie and Chips but a lot of effort into it, so suggested we go spend some time there.

We said our goodbyes to our friends and I exchanged contact information with Rook. After he was out of earshot, Dot said that though she just met him, she seemed to think he was a good guy. When she asked if I had heard from Byk recently, I told her it was a long story and I would catch her up on it over the next few days. When we dropped Red off at Dr. Maroni’s clinic, he was happy to see me, and wanted to make arrangements to meet up for dinner sometime soon. I told him that it sounds like a good idea, and as a matter of fact, there was something I wanted to see him about beforehand. I told him I would be back tomorrow.

When we arrived at the new apartment, it was great. Some new tenants had recently moved in across the hallway from us too. The decor was definitely a combination of their three personalities, but it was something I could either adjust to or change to suit my style. It was strange, once I got home this flood of emotions that I had been trying to hide over the last few weeks overwhelmed me and soon I was crying like a little schoolgirl, with Dot acting as I think a mother would, coddling me. Two hours later, I climbed into bed, and only a few minutes later my phone started ringing off the hook. Call after call came in from friends and family who had heard that I was out and back home. I would have some major visiting to do over the next few days, but honestly I think I need a break from everyone.

The following morning, I got up and decided to head to Dr. Maroni’s with Dot. Now that I was home, and since I told her I needed some alone time, she decided to go back to work. We stopped and bought a bright bouquet of pink carnations for Red and found that our bouquet was dwarfed by the one from Takashi Ito. Red asked if we opened our gift from her yet, and I told her not yet, we wanted to wait to do so until she felt better. Dot went off to work and volunteered to tend to Red. I met with Dr. Maroni who did an examination of my leg. He said that there was an injury there that hadn’t healed correctly, though suggested that with some physical therapy I might be back to normal. We made arrangements to meet for dinner a week from now at his house.

I went back home and returned a few calls. My uncle, said I had to check out an article that was released on the NewsNet – Real Culprit Caught in Va Va Voom Room Slaying. He said that he has taken care of everything and that his publicist already answered any questions the reporters had for me. Also, he wanted me to come over soon. Several more calls later and I was exhausted. I definitely need to escape. I made a phone call myself , packed a bag, and left a note for Dot. I told her I would be gone for a few days and that she needn’t worry about me. If she really needs to meet me, ask her mother where I am. I left my phone next to the note. I really didn’t want anything to do with that now.

A couple of hours later, I arrived at the Ramakrishna Ashram, which was affiliated with the Hindu Temple of Bellevue, where I would be spending the next couple of days. The building is grand and sits on a large estate. This is jsut the place I needed a place to totally relax and reflect on the ordeals I had just come through; not only the fact of being arrested and imprisoned, but then having to stop a major criminal organization while having a bomb implanted in my head. When I arrived, I was met there by a friendly monk who showed me to my room. The room was spartan, but would suit me well. There were also a fresh change of linen clothing to change into.

At this center, I participated in several cleansing rituals of the mind, body and spirit, and took several yoga classes. Already I was feeling better. The days passed quickly. On the morning of the third day, when I went to the meditation chamber, there was a beautiful blonde there. She smiled at me and after our meditation asked how I was. I said I was doing better. She said she just came to check up on me and see when I would be home. I said I would come home tomorrow night. She said okay, and left.

That night, while I was meditating I felt this energy pour through me. It was like I was being awakened for the first time. Things became clearer to me and I felt a greater power course through my body. It was amazing. When I fell asleep it was the best night of sleep I have had in a long time, perhaps even ever. I woke up thoroughly rejuvenated. I left there with a greater sense of purpose and it is if all the burdens had been lifted from my shoulders.

I arrived home just before Dot and started preparing a meal that seemed to be of a similar smell emanating from the Montelli’s kitchen. Dot was home and we were together again. She said that Red was doing well, and would be fully healed in a matter of days. We stayed home together the following day, wrapped in eachothers arms. We decided now that we were married, it was the time to consider having children, and we put our consideration into practice.

The next couple of days flew by, as we met with our friends and family. My father was much warmer to me than he had ever been before, and even my Aunt Elizabeth seemed to smile at me when she first saw me. When I next saw Rajiv, he said that he saw Gray Owl recently and that he was happy to hear I was home.

We decided that for Red’s homecoming, we would reunite our team for a small party at our new home.

Home Sweet Home

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