Jennifer Sinclair

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Jennifer Sinclair was born in Seattle, Washington on April 1, 2016 at the Northwest Hospital & Medical Center. As a child, Jennifer was always interested in the Matrix and the information that she could learn through it. Her family considered education to be essential to her future as an “upstanding member of society”, so they enrolled her in an elite Prep School called Trinity School, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in New York City.

Afterwards, Jennifer went on to Princeton University in New Jersey, where she excelled in:

  • Matrix Fundamentals
  • Synaptic Transmission over the Matrix

She acquired her first degree in Matrix Management and Analysis. Jennifer even opted for further education and enrolled at MIT to study many additional cutting edge sciences:
*Advanced Matrix Theory

  • Virtual Realities Design
  • Photonic Energy and Holographic Imaging
  • Practical Applications for Adaptive Heuristic Matrix Databases
    (An Adaptive Heuristic Matrix is an extremely sophisticated computer memory architecture)
  • Crystalline Data Storage.

During her time as a student at MIT, she interned during the summer months at ODC in her home city of Seattle, to gain some field experience. There, she applied her knowledge of crystalline data storage to greatly improve their Matrix mainframe and increased their storage capacity tenfold. After completing her second and third degrees for Advanced Matrix Administration and Security, and Holography Analyst, she decided to stay on at ODC to further her hands-on experience.

Jennifer is a decker that has specialized in SIN fabrication (forged identities) and corporate espionage. She routinely created false identities for Josi Brice, the daughter of Renji Matsumoto and Aaliyah Brice, in order for her to accomplish whatever mission that her bosses at ODC assigned.

Jennifer Sinclair

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