Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned

Type: Military Unit, Battalion
Located: Fort Abernathy (Wilsonia, CFS)
Founded In (By): Redding, CFS (Major ‘Mad’ Maxwell Alan Lincoln)
Years Active: 2042-Current
Membership: 350-400 (1 Battalion, 2 Companies, 6 platoons, 24 squads)

The 1st Danger Close Operational Detachment-Bravo (1st DCOD-B) battalion, or The Legion of the Damned, is a Tier-One Cyber-active unit of the special forces branch of the CFS Army. They specialize in danger close, direct action, forward warfare & intervention operations. With their unconventional tactics and aggressive, if not reckless approach to combat, they are often looked at as a so-called suicide squad.

Their motto is Victory or Death, which highlights their focus of success at little to no regard for their own safety. While injury is almost certain in any extended tenure with the Damned, they have been designated as a Cyber-active unit by the CFS military council. Meaning that, if a soldier’s injuries require cyber replacement, and that replacement increases the effectiveness of that soldier, then he is approved for the replacement rather than discharged. Their tendency to overlap the battle lines between themselves and their enemies, often results in no support or, at best, danger close support or direct fire on their positions, but also eliminates their opponent’s support without the risk of attacking their own forces.

Major ‘Mad’ Maxwell Alan Lincoln was promoted to commanding a black ops special forces unit in the taking of an undisclosed secured building, when an enemy sniper had killed the commanding general in charge of the operation. His opponent was taking advantage of their artillery and was dealing significant damage to his force. He brazenly attacked the secured building using a surprisingly effective aggression not often shown in ‘civilized’ warfare. It was believed that his direct action had likely saved the lives of many soldiers that would have died in regards to the overly complex mission parameters that the fallen general had made, as well had eliminated the benefit of artillery, or air support from the positions behind the enemies front line. He was inspired by, the North Vietnamese commander, General Nguyen Huu An, who had stated “Move inside the column, grab them by the belt, and thus avoid casualties from the artillery and air.”

The Damned
For this unit, soldiers were selected based on their determination to win, tenacity for survival and their overall aggression, which make them quite an eccentric group. Many of them are cyber-active, a rarity within the army, which is a source of pride for them and envy or disdain for others. As they continue to serve in the Legion, their tendencies for injury quickly leads to more cybernetic replacements, distancing themselves even more from the core army forces. Unlike most forces which can rely on stealth and subtlety, they approach their goals rather directly, limiting their roles of usefulness. Soldiers within the Damned are still considered rookies until their first cybernetic replacement. They tend to forgo stealth and concealment, even going as far as to draw attention to themselves. As with many special forces, they are granted a great deal of personal independence and individual preference for their weapon and equipment load-outs and appearance, going as far to as to resemble more of a mercenary unit in appearance, rather than a CFS soldier.

Legionnaires normally wear “sanitized” active uniforms (bearing no tapes, such as his name, or even CFS designation, or rank insignia), just their code name. Their dress uniform does bear all the appropriate tapes, however. The Legion uses that same standard military ranks as the rest of the CFSA, but their color pattern is unique to their unit. The bars are black, while the outer embossing is red.

Battalion Officer: Major ‘Mad’ Maxwell Alan Lincoln
Company Commander: Captain Devon ‘Ice’ Carmichael
Platoon Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Arn ‘Kane’ Steinbeck*

  • Alpha Squad Leader: Master Sergeant Stenz
  • Fireteam 1 (Chain Gang): Slim, Dex, Fubar, Pooch
  • Fireteam 2 (Wrecking Crew): Pariah, Cotton, Viper, Scratch
  • Fireteam 3 (Wolf Pack): Copper*, Case, Paddy, Smoke
  • Bravo Squad Leader: Sergeant Duck
  • Fireteam 1 (Mad Dogs): Dade, Cash, Tre, Fortune
  • Fireteam 2 (Death Dealers): Dish, Whale, Urn, Egg
  • Fireteam 3 (Blood Brothers): Klim, Twiz, Koonze, Striker
  • Charlie Squad Leader: Staff Sergeant Rex
  • Fireteam 1 (Damage, Inc.): Sioux, Zane, Squid, Ash
  • Fireteam 2 (Cannon Fodder): Shout, Kiki, Marina, Twist
  • Fireteam 3 (Darkriders): Squish, Tanner, Dime, Keebler
  • Delta Squad Leader: Sergeant First Class Thor
  • Fireteam 1 (Four Horsemen): Ego, Saint, Cass, Phoenix
  • Fireteam 2 (Saints & Sinners): Taze, King, Jericho, Helm
  • Fireteam 3 (Meat Shields): Frost, Babe, Teal, Feeb






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Legion of the Damned

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