Stan Lemansky, or ‘Big Stan’ is a bouncer-turned-bartender at Reno’s, in Downtown Seattle.

Big Stan was born in Bakersfield, CFS and moved to Seattle after being drafted in the 2nd round by the Screamers with what looked to be a promising Urban Brawl career. Unfortunately, illicit substance abuse and gambling problems got Stan barred from playing professionally in UCAS league only 4 months into his rookie year. At that time, he was in contention for Rookie of the Year, currently being the high scorer in the league, and on the way to potentially breaking the 5-year record for most points in a single season.

Out of a job, Stan’s troubles fell on a sympathetic ear. Reno Pyatt, is a former combat biker and kindred spirit, hired Stan as a bouncer in his up-and-coming club in Downtown Seattle. As it turned out, Stan did not often have to resort to physical needs to deal with unruly customers – his wit alone often dissuaded the situation.

Eventually, Stan got a job bartending there, and over the last few years, has become one of the head bartenders working there, having turned down offers from rival bars and clubs to remain here.

Stan is a large, physically imposing man, but he has a easy smile and quick wit. He regrets that his rookie-year problems caused the end of his Urban Brawl career, but does not let it get him down, often referring to is as the dumb acts of his reckless youth. His Screamers jersey (No. 31) is on display, behind the bar. & he always more than willing to sign autographs for fans.

Stan has recently reconnected with his high school friend, Dane who has has not seen since he joined the CFS military.


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