Lieutenant Case

Lt Case

Jonathan ‘Case’ Baird is a true Californian surfer and quite a formidable man. Although not not a large or imposing build, he does not scare easily and he has been known to be one of the toughest men in the legion.

A lieutenant in the Legion of the Damned. Until now, Pariah believed him to have died in Azerbaijan. Last time he interacted with Pariah he was a corporal.

For In the Jungle, he has enlisted the services of Pariah and the rest of the DV-8s to retrieve a CFS satellite that had fallen into Aztlan. Based on he success of this mission, he confirmed the KIA status of Pariah, to allow him to keep his anonymity in Seattle.

In I Believe I can Fly, he provided the DV-8s access to Federated-Boeing’s Auburn Facility by getting Pariah on site as CFS Colonel Hsang, who wanted an unscheduled tour of Federated-Boeing’s projects that are in production at the site. His assistance was provided to stop the DV-8’s competition, Casualty Count, whom Case and Pariah share a vendetta against.

Notable Quotes:
“Hanging Eleven Dude!”
“So I lay there enjoying my gut wound for a while…”

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Lieutenant Case

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