LML Epilogue

Well, you’ve got a pocketful of cred and a weekend ahead of you. The weatherman is predicting sunshine. Go figure! The evening traffic is light, and you can almost enjoy the bustle of the rain-slicked streets, reflecting the neon signs and streetlights of the Sprawl. It’s uncanny how cred encourages even the most cynical runner to dust off the rose-colored glasses.
Then, the lights flicker. Neon signs everywhere flutter for a moment, as if trying to catch their breath. Streetlights dim, gather strength for a few seconds, then dim again. And then, a few at a time. they begin to go out. Traffic lights, billboards, and building lights follow. The street falls into darkness. A yellow Mitsubishi Runabout enters an intersection ahead of you just as its headlights flicker and short out. The car coasts slowly to a stop in the middle of the Intersection. Car horns blare behind the stalled vehicle and beyond. The city seems to jump to life with an chorus of irate drivers.
By now, the only visible lights belong to autos with the tried-and-true internal combustion engine. Pale red emergency lights filter out from the windows of the nearby buildings. Residents cautiously stick their heads out of windows and doors to see whether the problem extends past their own faulty buildings. The uneasy murmurs of a frightened population create an eerie hum throughout the suddenly dark and dead city. Only the dim glow from a few megacorp facilities Renraku, Aztechnology, Mltsuhama remains. And as you look up, through scattered openings in Seattle’s perpetual cloud cover, you see something you’ve never seen In the Sprawl before … stars.

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LML Epilogue

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