Logan Hammersmark

Yeah, I know Charlie, quite well actually and we just talked recently as a matter of fact. He and I were roommates at the University of Washington. I am originally from small town in central Pennsylvania, and wanted to see something different. I was majoring in Exercise Sciene and Kinesiology, and I think he was studying English and Education at the time.

When we first met, he looked at me strangely, and said “Finally, a roommate I have something in common with. We are not very common around here.” Honestly, I thought he was referring to something else. He nor I had many friends then, and we became close, hanging out with eachother whenever we had the chance. I often spent a lot of time at the gym, and he at the library.

One time, we were walking home late after attending a play, Equus if I remember correctly, across town. We were walking along, talking about the current local political situation, when suddenly two creeps appeared walking around a corner in front of us, and two from behind. They were all dressed in masks. One said “Hey faggots, do you want to play?”.
I said “Uh, not really, you’re not my kind.” They replied “wrong answer” and came down on us, wielding knives and bats. I didn’t know what to do. I only had my body to defend us with, and though I have been victorious in quite a few fist fights in my life, I wouldn’t consider my odds very good against dudes with weapons.

I thought we were doomed. Charlie was this scrawny kid who could barely lift his backpack without falling over. Suddenly though, he said “Stand back.” I did so, and this blue glowing ball suddenly appeared in his hands. I was shocked. When one of the gangers saw it, he yelled “that guy’s a freak” and started backing up. Charlie unleashed the ball, striking a garbage can next to one of them. It exploded and they ran. After we researched further into it, I think they were imitation Halloweeners, because real ones wouldn’t have run.

When we got back to our dormitory, I asked him “What the heck was that?” He said “I thought you were magically active too.” I said “Maybe? I have always been able to do things other people couldn’t.” He then figured out I wasn’t quite the same. When I asked him "Is that what you were referring to when we first met, he said yes. I replied “Oh, I thought you enjoyed men’s company too.” He said “I enjoy your company” and smiled.

Needless to say, he and I weren’t talking about the same thing. I wasn’t his kind, but it didn’t interfere with our affection towards eachother; it just wasn’t romantic. After that point, I tried to refer girls that were interested in me to him, but they just turned and looked at him and said no thanks. I felt sorry for the poor guy, and I knew someday he would make a woman happy.

During the summer after that year, my father died, and I was unable to return out west. Charlie called me and we continued to keep in contact. When he called me and told me about Sitra and later their engagement, I was so happy for them. I wanted to fly out there and meet his new love, but I was too busy. When he called me and told me that she had passed, I sent him a plane ticket so he could come spend time with me, but he never used it.

When he recently called me and told me that he was engaged again to a woman named Dorothea Johnson, I was so happy for him. I told him I couldn’t make it to his wedding though, because I was opening a new gym in Philadelphia. I told him I would be in Seattle sometime next year for a fitness modeling competition though, so I would see him then. Hopefully, Enrique will be able to join me and meet Charlie.

Logan Hammersmark

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