Lonestar Security

President/CEO: Theodore W.O. Winslow
Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Seattle Division: Lone Star Seattle, 2nd Avenue and Union Street, Downtown
Division Head: William Loudon, Chief of Police
Deputy Chief: Tyler Grummet
Enforcement Division Chief: Capt. Kyle Palmer
Corporate Division Chief: Capt. Angela Dumont
Paranormal investigation Division Chief: Capt. Walter Westcott

Ever since the disbanding of the Seattle Police Department, the law in Seattle has become a business like any other. Lone Star Security Services is the official provider of policing to the Seattle metroplex. Businesses and local citizens’ associations often hire other security firms for increased protection.

Seattle and the Star have had difficulties almost since the day Governor Charles Lindstrom hired them after firing the entire Seattle Police Department. Governor Schultz renegotiated Lone Star’s contract at least twice, and both times the Star came out looking bruised. It’s up for grabs whether or not Governor Lindstrom will renew the Star’s contract. Lone Star will do whatever it takes to keep it, because Seattle is worth too much money to lose. If Lone Star doesn’t get the police services contract there are plenty of corps waiting in the wings.

First and foremost Is Knight Errant. which has a training academy in Renton. KE gets a lot of corporate business In Seattle and would love to get hold of that big. juicy city contract. Sioux-based Eagle Security wouldn’t mind getting it either but they don’t have a major presence In the metroplex.and It’s hard to Imagine the government trusting a NANbased corp to handle the law in Seattle.

William Loudon has been the head of Lone Star Seattle since 2049, surviving two changes In corporate administration. Through It all Loudon has steadfastly and competently administered Lone Star operations in Seattle, and also carefully covered his hoop in the event of a crisis blowing up In his face. A better administrator than military commander, Loudon is feeling the pressure of his position lately. The cops try to protect Seattle taxpayers and do their best to keep criminal scum from causing gratuitous collateral damage, but it’s increasingly clear that their efforts aren’t cutting it. If the cops can’t keep a tighter lid on organized crime, Loudon is certain that Lone Star Central in Texas will replace him. Loudon is looking into covertly hiring “freelance operatives” (read: shadowrunners) for some not-entirely legal missions to curb the syndicates’ worst excesses. To that end, he recently re-established the Shadowriders, a covert black-ops division of Lone Star Seattle, to handle the corp’s shadowrunning needs.

The Shadowriders are under the command of Captain Franklin Marrs. a Lone Star combat veteran and experienced undercover cop who ran the shadows for five years under the name "BrutusĀ· (guess he liked the et tu. Brute spin of It). Marrs knows the shadows better than most Lone Star cops far better than any of the corporate suits bock In Austin. It works this way: the Shadowriders consist of a core team of various kinds of covert ops experts. Marrs assigns a leader from this group to a project and the leader hires Independent operatives (that’s you and me. chummer) to round out the team. Shadowrunners do the Star’s dirty work and Marrs has saps in place to take the fall if necessary (that’s also you and me. chummer). If you’re going to work for the Shodowriders. don’t think you have a get-out-of-jail-free cord. Make damn sure you won’t get left holding the bag. or you’ll have twenty years to life to regret it.

One division of Lone Star that shouldn’t be overlooked is “the Dips,” the Department of Magical Investigation (DPI). Led by Captain Walter Westcott, the Dips investigate all crimes involving magic. Fortunately for those of us in the shadows, the Dips don’t have unlimited resources or personnel. The division employs some eighty magicians, but they’re spread thin covering a metroplex of millions. DPI magicians are skilled in forensic work, astrally “reading” crime scenes for signs of magic use and magical evidence.

The Dips aren’t the only magicians working for Lone Star. They’re just in charge of handling magical investigations. The other divisions have their own wizards. especially the Tactics Division. Watch out for SWAT combat mages and the magical bomb squads of the Department of Demolitions, who use clairvoyance and telekinesis to spot and disarm explosives.

The Dips also handle magical licensing. Lone Star controls the licensing and certification of magicians in Seattle to ensure that we all conform to UCAS legal requirements. That gives the Star (and the Dips In particular) a lot of pull with the above-ground magical community in the metroplex. The threat of losing your license to practice magic is enough to keep most legal magicians in line.

Known Members:

Anichka Nikitin
Arianna Demetrios

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Lonestar Security

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