Magic System

          In order to better balance the needs of Casters and Non-casters for Nuyen and Karma, I have devised a system that should help.
Spell book1
          To gain additional spells, one can often purchase them from Talismongers with an average cost based upon the following table. Further, spells can occasionally be acquired as loot from other casters defeated or gained through other means.

Spell Level Cost
1 1,000¥
2 2,000¥
3 3,000¥
4 20,000¥
5 25,000¥
6 30,000¥
7 70,000¥
8 80,000¥
9 90,000¥
10 200,000¥
11+ 200,000¥ + 80,000¥ per level

          A pure caster may maintain in their active memory a number of spell points equal to their sorcery skill times six. (24 points at sorcery rank 4, 36 at rank 6) A Hermetic or Shamanic adept may maintain spell points equal to their sorcery skill times seven. (28 points at sorcery rank 4, 42 at rank 6)

          Either caster is not required to study their spells unless they wish to change the ones in current memory. A brief period of meditation equal to one minute per spell point changed is required.

          Learning a new spell which they have recently attained requires intense study. The period of study requires no less than 10 hours per level of the spell. This time does not need to be uninterrupted but it is not able to be used until the full period of study has been completed.

          If a caster chooses to increase his spell points available in active memory, these points may be purchased at a rate of one point per karma spent.

          This system is an optional alternative to the current system as defined in the Shadowrun Third Edition Core Rules and may be used instead of those rules. Casters have the option at creation to decide which system they choose to use.

This is a tentative system and will be unofficial until it has been discussed / ratified by the current players.

Magic System

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