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16 The DV-8s reply to the email about a job in the tropics.

17 The DV-8s arrive in Cayenne.

18 Rook, Red, and Drake attempt to scout out the facility that Dr. Hausman is staying in. After some misfortunes, they are released on shore after having been captured by Proteus security.

20 The team captures Dr. Hausman at a dinner party.

21 Doc notes that his magical defenses are challenged by a shaman and he enters into a magical duel with the Shaman, driving him away. The team is contacted by who they think is their Mr. Johnson and informed that they are to bring Dr. Hausman to a meeting. Here they meet Mr. Johnson and deliver Dr. Hausman. Mr. Johnson gives them an address where they may stay for the rest of the time that they are in Kourou. To their surprise, the address is the same as where they kidnapped Dr Hausman from the dinner party. They check out the house and find Mr. Johnson dead at his desk. They playback a video recording and find that the Mr. Johnson that they just turned over their prisoner to is in fact a mage disguised as Mr. Johnson and that the probe is going to cause some kind of disaster to the human race. While there, the police arrive and the team fights to escape. Rook and Doc are captured, Pariah escapes carrying Red and meets Drake. Drake and Red hide out at an abandoned garage, Rook and Doc suffer in a third world jail and Pariah is nowhere to be found.

23 According to mission instructions, Dr. Hausmann must be kidnapped by this day.

25 Götterbote’s scheduled pre-launch date. On this date, the probe is scheduled to launch from the Proteus Facility in French Guiana and meet with an orbiting space station where it will launch three days later towards the comet.

The Götterbote probe is shot down by a missile moments after it launches, the vehicle crashes into the Proteus Arkoblock. The missile is reported to have been launched from a boat that matches the description of Bala’s boat. Pariah at long last contacts Drake and Red and tells them to go to a certain address and to be there at a certain time. Doc and Rook are taken from their cells and put in a prison transfer van. The prison van and Drake’s van meet at the address that Pariah advised just moments before Pariah shows up on a battered motorcycle. The entire team hurries to the airport where they depart immediately for Seattle.

26 According to their mission instructions, Dr. Hausman may be released this day.

27 The Dv8’s arrive in Seattle.

28 Götterbote’s scheduled launch date.






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