My Summer Vacation

While Rook recuperated from his injuries, we decided to take some much deserved time off. I needed some quality daddy – baby time with Prisha, the only thing is she is aging so quickly that she’s no longer the baby she should be. One good thing about this tremendous growth spurt is that it largely relieves Dot of having to spend her every waking moment attending to her. One bad thing about me being away so much is that Prisha would much rather spend her time dealing with the intricacies of the matrix with Uncle Chips than spending any bonding time with dear old dad.

Speaking of dead old dad, he came to visit us for lunch and see Prisha for the first time. For her sake and ours, we told her she was adopted and instead of going by Prisha, we called her by her middle name Susanna instead. He took little interest in her and called her ‘“Defect” to me when she got up with Dot to go to the ladies’ room. I had to hold myself back from blasting him with a good old Mana Bolt between the eyes. Needless to say, the luncheon ended abruptly.

Aunt Elizabeth is recovering well from the injuries she sustained after she fell down a flight of stairs at the mansion when the lights suddenly went out on the night of May 26th. She fractured her right tibia in the fall and has been recuperating at home, being waited on hand and foot, which is really nothing new.

That same night, apparently something “magical” happened, as Rajiv and Padmala were walking along the Lake Washington park boardwalk. He had been planning this night for weeks, knowing now was the time to “pop the question”. Her father, Ajeet. wasn’t around, as he had to work the overnight shift at the Stuffer Shack. Rajiv told her he had something very important to ask her and bent down on his knee to propose. All of the lights suddenly went out and they looked around bewildered. Out popped the stars though, and with that he spoke the words she had been longing to hear this time. They are planning December nuptuals. Dot has hinted that she wants to give them a good start. What that means, I am still not certain.

Pariah had been looking forward to going to visit their property for a vacation, but with Zany being so close to delivery, this seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. That is until Dot volunteered us to join them, just in case the baby came earlier. I only discovered this when I awoke one morning to find Dot packing up some suitcases. When I asked her what she was doing, she said “We are going to the lake thingy with Dane and Allie; don’t you remember?” Uh, I apparently didn’t – I am not even sure if she remembered to tell me. So, we packed up the vehicles and headed towards the Salish lands. It was a long drive, but the views were quite breathtaking. The only times I had really travelled outside of Seattle before was on missions with the crew so this would be quite different. Plus, it would be good to get Prisha out of the house and off the matrix for a bit.

My Summer Vacation

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