Optimized Routing Analytical Coordination & Logistics Environ (or ORACLE) is the name of the custom state-of-the-art networked HIVE mainframe system used by the DV-8s. It is a core component of their Command Center. It serves as their BattleTac computer, CCSS mainframe, Tactical communications, and TeleCom unit.

As a BattleTac Master Component, it analyzes data provided by the real-time positional feeds that are supplied by the remote data transceivers worn by the unit members, drones, cameras as well as other transmittable sensory sources. This multi-source data is constantly compiled by this master unit, and routed back to the user’s personal transceivers, granting them greater tactical battlefield awareness.

As a closed-circuit simsense system (CCSS), the cameras, turrets, doors, lights, security, electricity, and even the HVAC/R can be operated from multiple access points within the Clubhouse.

As a tactical communications system master unit (Rank: 10,00mp), it securely coordinates intel from personnel TacComs, radios, intercoms, phones and other audio and/or video feeds into one hub, allowing audio and/or video relay and coordination. It holds 100 programmed frequencies, scanner/jammer (Rank: 10), and has 10 ports to link it to other computers, or other telecommunications systems. The personal units used by individuals support 20 frequencies as well as datajacks, with a flux rating of 5, ECCM and Encryption of 10.

As a TeleCom Unit it is the communications and entertainment center of the base. Complete telephony with audio/video communications (Caller ID, forwarding, blocking, mailbox, faxing and relay), a television/trideo unit complete with SimSense ports, with a complete line of public and subscription services and channels (including complete coverage of all Urban Brawl & Drone Football League games, 150 personalized music channels, SteamNews-NET, and Movie and Serial VoD, Omega GameBox game service)- all with complete access from any terminal, and a matrix access point, with access to standard Matrix functions as well as email server. It hosts 50,000 mp of storage on a , with terminal access in nearly every room, or alternatively accessed via datajacks, Matrix links, or satellite uplink. It has standard i/o interface, as well as a large touchscreen table in the Command Center.

It has a level 3 Credstick Reader.

Prior to her resurrection, the ORACLE was the where Sitra’s virtual persona was contained after she was downloaded from Renraku at an animal testing facility in the Puyallup Barrens.

This system was given to the DV-8s by NovaTech’s CEO, Richard Villiers for assisting them during their SuperNova mission run.


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