Pookie lives at Renton Ambassador Suites, in apartment 3A. He runs protection to the suites, keeping them under the ‘protection of the Night Hunters’ for a monthly stipend.

It was an easy job, the rep of the Hunters kept most of the tenants scared enough to pay without much effort. If they didn’t pay, he’d just tell the Hunters, and after a bit of hazing from them, the tenant would start to pay up or move out. Simple enough.

When two new tenants moved into the floor above, he introduced himself and made his role in their safety apparent. What he was not expecting was a broken wrist, dislocated jaw and three cracked ribs as he they threw him down a flight of stars.

He found it best to cut is losses and avoid them in his future collections, since they appeared quite capable of protecting themselves. Besides, if he told the Hunters and they started in on these two, that may cost him some friends as these two looked geared for a war. Truth be told, they drove away some of the drug dealers at the apartments that were beginning to cause concern for the Hunters.

Occasionally, they ask him about gang-related activities or for other street-level information. Because they tend carry more guns than most of the local gangers do, he quickly finds out the dirt and tells them. Especially, when they are inquiring into rival gangs, for they have tended to leave the Night Hunters alone.

Just so they don’t get mad at him again…


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