Prisha Susanna Winfield

DOB: April 15, 2061

Gender: Female
Alias: Lotus Flower
Height: 58" (147cm) Weight: 90lbs
Hair: White Eyes: Pink
SIN: Legal

Prisha, after an amazingly short gestation period was born to Charles and Dorothea Winfield on April 15, 2061 at Reliable Health Care. She was born 6lbs, 4oz and measured 18.9" long. She has white hair, pink eyes and pale skin. Her anatomy is radically different, including having been born with a data jack and with organs not seen before and has a body temperature of 100 degrees. She is very mentally active.

A birth, Prisha weighed 6lbs, 4oz with a length of 18.9".

By 4 months of age, she could hold reasonably well structured conversations and began to read in English and Hindi. With some assistance from Uncle Chips, she is programming computer software at the high school level.

At approximately 7 months of age, the aging process begins to slow. She is physically approximately 13 years old with an emotional age of approximately 10. Her only friends, other than her family and the DV-8s are other cyber beings. She can hold conversations in both English and to a lesser degree, Hindi.


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