Proteus Arkoblock

Proteus arkoblockWhile it’s usually said to be located on Devil’s Island (ile du Diable), Proteus’ arkoblock actually spans all three of the so called Iles du Sallut (Salvation Islands), all of which are now owned by Proteus AG The islands are located roughly 15 kilometers north of Kourou, through choppy. shark-infested waters.
The complex consists of a single massive building, extending some twenty stories above the islands themselves and spanning the distances between them. Where it reaches the cliffs on the eastern side of the Islands, the building extends over the edges, down the cliffs and below the turbulent surface of the Atlantic. Another three to four floors of underwater labs and living facilities fan out between and beyond the islands, extending over a kilometer along the shallow sea floor. Unlike many of Proteus’ other facilities, only a small portion of this complex is actually underwater. The underwater wing of the arkoblock is primarily used for storage and aquatech research labs, while the upper section is where the majority of the aerotech labs and construction facilities are found. Most employee quarters are located along the massive, slab like outer wall of the building, facing away from the islands and providing a spectacular view out over the Atlantic. Some residents, including Hausmann, prefer underwater views, and so maintain apartments in the submerged portion of the building.
Other facilities outside the main arkoblock building occupy the remainder of the islands surfaces. Ile Royale, the largest of the three islands, is where the actual rocket launch pad is located. Ile Saint-Joseph contains the arkoblock’s docks, hangar and helipad-the only legitimate entry points for outsiders-and is the most heavily guarded of the Islands. Devil’s Island itself is largely unused, except for a 3 kilometer-long jogging trail and a small fittess center.
At any given time, there are usually two roving three-man security patrols on Saint-Joseph, and one such patrol on each of the other Islands. Another three-man unit is stationed at each of the following locations: the docks, the hangar, the launch pad, and at each entrance to the arkoblock itself (one on each island). Proteus also has three security mages stationed at the arkoblock, though only one is on duty at any given time.
Motor launches travel from Kourou to the Proteus complex each day at dawn and dusk for the benefit of those employees who need to visit the mainland for some reason. Trips other than the two daily runs can be scheduled by special request, though this is rarely necessary: most Proteus employees are happy to remain in the arkoblock rather than visit Kourou. Air trips are only made by special arrangement, and are usually reserved for facility executives.

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Proteus Arkoblock

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