Prototype SimSense Chips

Three prototype Simsense chips created by Global Technologies, largely by a decker named Tee Hee.

These chips are highly unstable and not ready for use. They evidently are advanced BTL chips that alter/override a user’s personality with that of the chip’s. Notably, they do not run on a timer, so a user could be under its influence indefinitely.

The data for these chips was destroyed by Tee Hee during the theft, but a copy was allegedly made on Thomas Martelli Junior’s computer in his office at Global Technologies

The three chips are Cleopatra, Jack the Ripper and Genghis Khan.

Jack the Ripper was being used by Griffin before his demise.
Cleopatra was being used by Val before her demise.
Genghis Kahn is being used by Cooperman, uniting the gogangs in the Barrens.

Prototype SimSense Chips

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