Reaper Technologies

Reaper Tech

Type: Weapons Technology Manufacturer
Located: Seattle, UCAS
Headquarters: 2200 S 100th Ave SE, Bellevue
Founded In (By): Seattle, UCAS (Donovan Harrison & Stephanie Rastovich)
Years Active: 2054-Current
President/CEO: Donovan Harrison
Employees: 200-250 (estimated)

A small local company who came out of nowhere and is now making waves in the private sectors with a new prototype modular rifle system, the RA640 ACW, developed by their weapons division, Reaper Arms, which they hope could revolutionize modern urban warfare, and cement their position in technology manufacturing.

Divisions of Reaper Technologies
Reaper Arms – Weapons Research & Development, headed by Stephanie Rastovich
NeoTech – Technology Research & Development, headed by Shirow Ikari
Department M-66 – Experimental Science & Theory, headed by Walter R Bischoff

Weapons Manufactured
RA 640 ACW A modular weapon system.
RA MK16 Mod 0 A designated marksman/carbine battle rifle.
RA Mk III Lawgiver – A custom sidearm rewarded to Lonestar’s finest.

  • They have kind of an interesting approach to weapon marketing. Rather than placate and cater to the military, like Ares or HK, they ‘take aim’ at the private security firms. Rumor has it they ‘lost’ a few crates of their RA640’s have ‘found’ their way into the shadows of Seattle. I got my gypsy with an ear to the ground for one. Can’t wait to play with it.
    - Orion [2060-08-10 07:33:18]
  • You know, their CEO, Harrison, with all his tattoos and chrome… There’s no way he hasn’t run the shadows once or twice. I’m just sayin’…
    - Kibbles [2060-08-11 14:06:01]
  • Drek! He does look familiar, I think he used to run with a Jamaican chummer, several years ago back when I first stated running myself. Oh, what is his name?
    - Warforge [2060-08-15 09:50:53]
  • Huh?
    - Chips [xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx]

Reaper Technologies

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