LTG Code: 11206
Size: 436 square kilometers
Population: 498,000 (Human 81 , Elf 6, Dwarf 1%, Ork 10%, Troll1 %, Other 1 %)
Security Rating: E
Hospitals and Clinics: 6
Major Corp Facilities: None
Major Gangs: Brain Eaters, Crimson Crush,Red Hot Nukes, Rusted Stilettos, Spiders

Lone Star Security Ratings

  • C: Redmond (aka Touristville)
    Note that the rest of the area is collectively known as the Barrens.
  • E: Avondale, Brain Heaven, Hollywood, Kingsgate, Plastic Jungles, Purity, Sophocles, Woodinville
  • Z: Rat’s Nest, Glow City

Banshee, a Shadowrunner bar.
Breadboard Quaff and Stuff – A decker tavern is on Cascade Rd.
Dr Bob’s Quickstitch – a street-level ‘trauma center’ for the local violence on 4th St.
Dr Hendrix "Flair"* – lives in an apartment off Cascade Rd.
Orion’s Organic Grocery – a grocery store on Cascade Rd.

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