LTG Codes: 16206
Size: 259 square kilometers
Population: 218,000 (Human 65%, Elf 10%, Dwarf 2%, Ork 20%, Troll 1%, Other 2%)
Hospitals and Clinics: 13
Major Corp Facilities: Federated-Boeing, Knight Errant
Major Gangs: Blood Mountain Boys, Night Hunters

Lone Star Security Ratings

  • AAA: Lake Young
  • *AA: Four Lakes, Maple Volley, Renton, Spring Lake
  • A: lssoquoth (some areas). Thomas (some areas)
  • B: lssoquoth (some areas), Meredith (some areas), Thomas (some areas)
  • C: Christopher, Meredith (some areas)

Bloody Steaks – A restaurant in Renton.
Empire Records Apartments – A very low lifestyle apartment complex in Renton.
Gregor’s Pawn and Trade – A pawnshop, owned by Tovarich.
Quik Nap – An international hotel chain that specializes in ‘coffin’ style economy hotels.
Renton Ambassador Suites

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