Rook's Penthouse

300184 11 3300184 1 3Martin’s condo is the penthouse of the twenty-story Avalon Community Tower in Capitol Hill at 1576 Bellevue Ave.; bordering on the Downtown district. Resident access to the building is offered through a bank of doors at the top of a wide flight of steps on both the north and south side of the building.

300184 3 3There is also underground parking access on the east and west side of the building. Stairs from the parking garage lead to the ground floor lobby, while the elevator uses electronic security to allow tenant and employees only. Access to the garage is blocked by rolling metal doors that are controlled by tenant or employee security activation.

300184 4 3The lobby of the ACT is manned by a staff 24/7 by employees of the Avalon Housing Corp. At all times, there is staff on hand to handle the concerns of the tenants, whether in a concierge or maintenance role. During the day, there is additional staff on hand to act in a sales/leasing capacity. Cleaning and grounds care is handled by work crews from Avalon Housing each the morning. Various contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, or carpenters, may be brought in by appointment to handle specific maintenance concerns. There is also a full-time security staff provided by Zero-Zone Security, which typically consists of at least three individuals at any given time.

300184 5 3A basement level provides additional storage for guests, as well as facilities for maintenance equipment. The ground floor, in addition to the lobby, has employee offices. All entrances can be accessed from the lobby directly, whether via the north/south exits, elevator bank, or stairs. Entering from the street, visitors pass through a seating area on the north side, or must skirt a fountain on the south side as they pass into the center of the lobby. In the center, they will find a customer service counter on the east side, along with the stairs access, and a bank of four elevators on the north side. Doors on both walls provide access to employee-only areas.

300184 6 3The thirteenth floor is a maintenance level, and all other floors above the lobby are occupied by residents. Unless otherwise noted, each floor has eight apartments. The second and third floor offer temporary apartments that are available on a weekly or monthly basis. Floors four through twelve are for regular residential use. Floors fourteen through sixteen are leased for corporate residents – corporations lease the apartments for visiting employees. Floors seventeen through twenty (penthouse) are for luxury owners. Seventeen and eighteen only have five apartments on their floors, while nineteen and twenty are split between the two bi-level penthouse apartments.

300184 7 3Leaving the stairs or elevator on the regular residential levels places one in a long, wide hallway, with a total of eight apartment doors set at even distances down the length of either side. The hallway is wider at the elevators to create a small lobby, with a pair of stuffed chairs straddling the stairway exit opposite the elevators. The hallway runs north-south, with even numbered doors on the east side. The hallways are carpeted, with fabric-papered walls, and a spackled ceiling which harbors soffits for hidden lighting.

300184 8 3Visitation to any floor must be granted by the staff in the lobby, which in turn seeks verification from the resident in question. Security cameras monitor all public spaces, such as the hallways, to ensure that visitors do not stray on their journey to the requested domicile.

300184 9 3Martin’s apartment is one of the two penthouse condos, with his being situated on the south side of the building. The penthouse condos enjoy a private elevator that has access to the parking garage, storage level, lobby, and 19th floor. The elevators will only open with the security key provided for the penthouse tenants. The stairway, being a fire escape, has access on the 19th floor and continues onto the roof. There is a locked security door on the 18th floor, however, that blocks access to the upper levels. In the event of an emergency the door automatically unlocks, but otherwise requires the same security pass as the elevator.

300184 10 3Martin has placed a small chest on the balcony which holds a rappelling line and tackle, you know, in case of a fire. Interior rooms have “windows” that are actually video displays with feeds to cameras mounted on the roof of the building. These allow every room in the apartment the sense of a penthouse view. In fact, all tenants have access to this network of camera feeds, for a small additional rent charge. These feeds also offer views from interesting and exotic locations around the globe – alternate cityscapes, tropical shores, mountain peaks, and even underwater grottos.

300184 12 3Hidden in every room of the apartment, yet easily accessible, is a pistol of some kind; whether in a drawer, under a sofa cushion, or behind a stack of books. The list of guns includes two Ares Predator III’s, three Browning Ultra-Power’s, a Savalette Guardian, a Colt Manhunter, an Eichiro Hatamoto II, an Ares Predator, and a Ruger Thunderbolt. Ammunition for the various guns is kept in a wall safe hidden behind some wall art in the master bedroom.

300184 13 3Lifestyle Cost: ¥40,000
Area: B – Middle (3) This residential tower is located on the edge of the business district, for those executives who wish to remain near their work. Even though this is in the better part of town, a little crime creeps in at the corners, but not enough that residents feel threatened.

Comforts: Luxury (5) Martin has just about everything that makes life comfortable. He never eats anything less than the best all-natural foods, as his kitchen is state-of-the-art. Not that he has to dirty the kitchen when a phone call to his concierge will have his private chauffeur whisking him away to expensive, and exclusive, restaurants. A small staff maintains the penthouse, pool, hot tub, and sauna.

Entertainment: Luxury (5) Martin enjoys the best in entertainment, and plenty of it. The penthouse has a complete-home entertainment system, and high speed Matrix access. On those evenings when he doesn’t call down to the concierge to arrange dinner and dancing at exclusive clubs, he throws the occasional live jazz sessions in the entertainment room for himself and his guests.

Furnishings: High (4) The apartment is filled to capacity with good quality furnishings by designers who have made something of a name for themselves. Real wood paneling and floors, crystal glassware, and original art can be found throughout the various rooms.

Security: High (4) As discussed earlier, the apartment and high-rise feature a good system of locks and a contract with Zero-Zone Security. Security drones monitor the grounds and roof, and security cameras provide residences with knowledge of who’s outside their door.

Space: Luxury (5) This is a multi-story penthouse overlooking Seattle’s bustling downtown and offering a (distant) view of Puget Sound. The apartment has 750 sq. meters (over 8000 sq. ft.) of living space, including a covered balcony from which to enjoy the fantastic views. The massive rooms include a den, computer room, living room, formal dining room, breakfast nook, kitchen, several bathrooms, more bedrooms, library, armory, exercise room/dojo, pantry, utility room, and bar/entertaining room.

Rook's Penthouse

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