LTG Codes: 206/ 2206
Size: 468 square kilometers
Population: 545,000 (Human 63%, Elf 13%, Dwarf 2%, Ork 19%, Troll 2%, Other 1 %)
Hospitals and Clinics: 12
Major Corp Facilities: Aztechnology, Dassurn Securities and Investments, Federated-Boeing, Ingersoll and Berkeley, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Novatech, Renraku Computer Systems, Wuxing
Major Gangs: Bloody Screamers, Disassemblers, First Nations, Halloweeners, Troll Killers

Lone Star Security Ratings

  • North Downtown
    • AAA: Matthews Beach
    • AA: Inverness, North Beach, Richmond Highlands
    • A: Aurora Village, Greenwood (some sections), Loyal Heights, Northgate (some sections)
    • B: Greenwood (some sections), Northgate (some sections), Riverton (some sections)
    • C: Bitter Lake, Riverton (some sections)
  • Central Downtown
    • AAA: Alki, Fauntleroy, Madison Park, Madrona Park, Magnolia Bluff, Upper Queen Anne Hill
    • AA: Ballard, First Hill, Montlake, Mount Baker, Lower Queen Anne Hill, West Seattle, Windermere
    • A: Beacon Hill, Central (some sections), Elven District, Georgetown, Interbay (some sections), International District, Rainier Valley, University District, Westwood
    • B: Central (some sections), Capitol Hill, Columbia (some sections), Interbay (some sections), Laurel Hurst, Van Asselt (some sections)
    • C: Columbia (some sections), Ravenna, Van Asselt (some sections)
  • South Downtown
    • AAA: Bryn Mawr, Sea-Tac (Sea-Tac rating for Metroplex Guard and UCAS military)
    • AA: Arbor Heights, Normandy Park
    • A: Des Moines, Kent, White Center
    • B: Sea-Tac (for the area outside the airport proper, patrolled by Lone Star only)
    • C: Tukwila

Booker Pengrave has a condo on Queen Ann’s Hill. He is hosting a Hollywood Simsense Entertainment party there.
Club Penumbra – A Shadow bar with a laser light show.
Danse Macabra – An exclusive dance club in Seattle’s downtown district.
Dante’s Inferno – The premier Seattle Dance Club.
Kurt Cobain Memorial Art Museum – A large museum in Seattle Downtown.
Matchstick’s – A 1920’s style Jazz club.
Reno’s a restaurant bar on Battery St & Fourth Ave.
Renraku Arcology A giant pyramid in downtown Seattle.
Rook’s Doss – a one room safe house above a machine shop.
Rook’s Penthouse – the luxury residence of one Martin Redfin.
Seattle Space Needle – A restaurant and a national landmark.
University of Washington – Oldest institute of higher education in Seattle.
Zodd’s Modds is a weapon customization store on the corner of 215th Pl SE & SE 19th St.

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