Dreamchipper – [2060.08.08-08.13] The Shadowrunners must retrieve stolen SimSense chips before it is too late.
Food Fight – [2060.08.21] Not exactly a shadowrun just wrong time – wrong place at the Stuffer Shack™.
Supernova – [2060.09.01-09.02] – The shadowrunners are hired to liberate a briefcase with ‘minimal’ problems from NovaTech.
Site of Desecration – [2060.09.10-09.11] – A friend of Doc’s asks us to babysit a ‘simple’ exchange between smugglers in the Cascade Mountains.
Kidnapping – [2060.09.23 – 09.27] – A waitress needs help rescuing her son from her criminal ex-husband’s past.
Haunting – [2060.09.28] – A little old lady hires the party to correct her “Haunted House”.
In the Jungle – [2060.10.29 – 2060.10.30] – The Legion of the Damned tracks down Pariah and demands a mission from him.
Situation Normal – [2060.11.19] – The life of a Shadowrunner is never dull.
I Believe I can Fly – [2060.11.20 – 2060.11.30] – The DV8’s get a mission to steal a flying machine.
Bring Them Back Alive – [2061.01.01 – 2061.01.03] – Thirteen people are missing in the worst part of the Redmond Barrens, the DV-8s are hired to bring them out.
Community Service, Time Served – [2061.02.12 – 2061.2.19] – After Doc’s arrest for murder and subsequent extradition to Las Vegas, the DV-8s are given an opportunity to help out Doc.
Puyallup Pagoda – [2061.3.1] – The DV-8s travel to Puyallup Barrens for a mission and get more than they are expecting.
Aztechnology Criminology – [2061.3.1 – 2061.3.6] – Aztechnology Seattle is having a problem and calls on the DV-8s to resolve it quickly and quietly.
Renraku Arcology Shutdown – [2061.3.21 – 2061.3.30] – The Renraku Arcology has been shutdown since December 19, 2060 no one really knows what has been happening in there but several of the DV-8s have friends trapped within the walls. Many teams have attempted to assault the facility including the legendary Renraku Red Samurais, Lone Star Security and Casualty Count none of whom have been successful.
Missing Persons – [2061.4.12 – 2061.4.15] – A message from Jennifer Sinclair to Red invites the DV-8s to a meet at Lenny’s Tap in Redmond.
Double Take – [2061.5.6 – 2061.5.25] – The DV-8s are hired to enter the Tir to steal data from Universal Omnitech in Portland.
When Light meets Light – 2061.5.25 – 2061.5.26] – The DV-8s are requested for a meeting at the Palace of China in Tacoma.
The Messenger – [2061.8.16 – Continuing] – The DV-8s are hired to kidnap a scientist in French Guiana.






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