Shiawase Corporation

ShiawaseShiawase Corporation are a “megacorp,” a super powerful multinational company based in Japan. They are responsible for the Supreme Court decision granting corporations, of a certain status, extraterritorial status, not unlike a foreign embassy. Shiawase makes most of its money from power and from heavy industry.

Shiawase has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan and is a classic example of a Japanese zaibatsu, it is run in a family style where most employees sign life-time contracts with the corporation, even marrying inside it. As with most megacorps their every need is catered to inside the walls of the archology and many employees never leave the confines of the facility. Factions of Shiawase are often found to war with one another causing huge shake-ups and redistributions of stock.

Shiawase Corporation has its hands in nuclear power, environmental engineering, biotechnology, heavy industry, technical service, minerals, military goods et cetera.






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Shiawase Corporation

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