Sr slang

Word Definition Example
Angel A benefactor, especially an unknown one. Chips was toast until an Angel swooped in with a drek load of cred and cleared his name.
Arc An Arcology. A lot of activity is going down in the Renraku Arc.
Ballerina A reflex-boosted female assassin in employ of a major corp. I’d watch your back before they send out a ballerina to take care of you.
Band-Aid n. Shadowrunning magician who specializes in patching up teammates with healing spells. Scratch was toast until the Band-Aid stood him back up
Beetle Acronym for BTL You try that the new Beetle?
Boom An explosion This boom is gonna be huge!
Breeder Ork slang for a “normal” Human. Tonight we is gunna stomp a mud hole in dem Breeders.
Burnout n. Magician or adept who has lost all or part of her magical ability (for example, due to too much cyberware). “Don’t worry too much about Phyre, he is a Burnout not enough mana to light a match”
Business In slang context, crime, Also “Biz” Tonight I got some business to take care of
Buzz Go away! Buzz, man! I gots some drek ta do.
Christmas Tree n. Magician who relies heavily on foci and thus lights up on the astral plane. “So this Christmas tree pops up all tough and mean till I popped his little foci one by one”
Chrome Cyberware Watch it, that Samurai is chromed from head to toe.
Chummer A casual term for friend or buddy Easy there, Chummer, I was just kidding.
Chipped To interface through cyberware. Is he chipped in, yet?
Dance A melee fight Man, you don’t back off, we gonna dance.
Dance Partner A melee weapon Then the Samurai showed up wit’ his dancer partner and all hell broke loose.
Dandelion Eater Elf or Elven. Highly insulting So this Dandelion Eater walks into a bar …
Dataslave A corporate decker or other data processing employee The Dataslave sighed heavily and offered me a fiver for a cig!
Deets Intel learned or research made So what’s the deets on that rigger?
Doss Home, Hideout, Place of Refuge It’s Friday night and you are relaxing in your doss when a priority message comes over your telecom.
Doxed Identified I have doxed the target. We are Mission Green.
Drek A non-specific curse word. Often used to replace “Shit”. Buzz chummer, I got drek to do tonight.
Drek-ware An inferior, useless or sub-par piece of piece of equipment. So this gun is the lousiest piece of drek-ware I have ever gotten my hands on, I drop a three round burst and the fraggin clip falls right out
Floaters n. Watcher spirits. “I’m good got a couple Floaters covering the alley”
Frag A swear word Let’s get the frag outta here!
Gamer (Gaming) Someone acting remotely rather than physically at the location. “He’s sitting up there gaming safely while we are getting shot here.”
Ghost n. An astral form. “Either he is taking a nap or he is a ghost.”
Gode (m.)/Gydje (f.) n. A magician who follows the Norse tradition. “Seriously, this Gydje shows up with a horned helmet and spear and everything”
Goose A prostitute Lookit! He’s awful purty as a goose!
Groggy n. or adj. Derogatory term for an aspected magician (from “half Awakened”). “Looks like a Groggy, not too much to worry about.”
Gypsy A fence or fixer I gotta see my gypsy about the Ingram.
Hitmage n. Magical assassin. “DarqSpike is on the job, good as done with that hitmage.”
Houngan (m.)/Mambo (f.) n. A magician who follows the tradition of Voodoo. “Watch out for that Hougan, saw him making a doll that looks like you.”
Hover To observe and/or coordinate from an remote position (such as through a UAV) Who is hovering us on this run?
Joyboy / Joygirl A prostitute The joyboys and joygirls have been avoiding Redmond since news of the Ripper has spread.
Kannushi/Miko (f.) n. A magician who follows the tradition of Shinto. “Our Miko is in the back praying, get ready”
Koradji n. A shaman that follows the Aboriginal tradition. “Got a Koradji covering the job, if we can ever get him into some clothes.”
Manatech n. or adj. Technology that interacts with magic. “Gotta see the wiz new Manatech, seriously evil gear.”
Mundane n. or adj. Person who does not possess magical ability; the state of being non-magical. “What’s a Mundane doing in Dream Acid turf.”
Nahualli n. A magician who follows the Aztec tradition. I hope the Nahualli doesn’t think we are doing blood sacrifices on this run. Man that chummer is a nut.
Native without the benefit of cyber/bio-ware None of these guns got smartlinks, they’re all native.
Pet A robotic device remotely used by a rigger. Drake has got his pets in position, time to move!
Ping v. To detect a target with magic. “I am pinging six sleepers, two are heavily chromed. Incoming!”
Pink To quit, run away or quit You pinkin’ out already? We ain’t even got started.
Poindexter n. Derogatory term for a hermetic magician. Come on Poindexter, stop waving your hands and lets get some biz taken care of.
Shoes n. The body left behind when a magician astrally projects “I left my shoes in the car ”.
Sleeper n. or adj. Mundane. “I see four in the room, all sleepers, no real threat”
Slot A swear word Jonas? That pile of slot!
Slot and Run Hurry up, get to the point, or move it. C’mon boys, we gotta slot and run quick.
Slotted Containing or using input jacks Were good, he’s all slotted in.
Smash Alley A area under fire or assault All of a sudden, the whole club turns smash alley! We barely made it out in one piece.
Spellworm n. Magician. For a Spellworm, Doc really is a pretty good guy.
Theurgist n. A magician who follows the Christian tradition. If that Theurgist says one more quote from the bible, I am going to beat him to death with it, even if he is a spellworm.
Tin man A derogatory term for cybernetic/bionic altered person. Sorry tin man, no chrome permitted in this club.
Token To call in a favor I cashed in a token wit’ Tavon and got the background intel on her.
TSK or Tisk (Total Squad Kill) an elimination of an entire group Last time someone took them on, they got themselves TSK’d.
Tusker or Tusk A derogatory term for an ork or troll. So, I was minding my own business, when these two tuskers started harassing me…
Wage mage n. Magician employed by a corporation. The expression is also used as an insult for a magician with no real talent or potential. Got a couple Wage Mages watching astrally, we need to get done and get out.
Wizzer Gang n. Gang consisting of (usually young) magicians. Dream Acid is the toughest Wizzer Gang you could ever hope to NOT meet.
Wizpunk n. Musical genre popular with young magicians; it employs illusions and astral components to heighten the experience. Zany is into some pretty crazy music, some of it I like but the Wizpunk drek just messes with my head.
Wizworm n. Dragon. So the little old Japanese guy walks into the room after we have already fragged his whole Yakuza gang and tells us to surrender… We smile and start to trash talk and suddenly he turns into a Wizworm, think I drekked my armor right there.
Wujen n. A magician who follows the tradition of Wuxing.
X-men n. or adj. Derogatory term for adepts. Last X-man I ran with thought he was a shark in a firefight, killed two civilians in the middle of the fight. He bought it later when he tried to use his powers against the Renraku Red Samurai.
Yogi (m.)/Yogini (f.) n. A magician who follows the Buddhist tradition.
? A shootout or a firefight.






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