Susanna McKinnon Winfield

Susanna McKinnon

Susanna Regan was the oldest child of James McKinnon and Marie Dufresne McKinnon. During the course of her lifetime, she was always dedicated towards helping others.

Between the span of her and her brother Walter’s birth, her mother had two children, who ended in miscarriage. Though she was young, she still helped attend to her mother during this difficult time period. By the time Walter was born, Susanna was already a teenager, and helped to raise her baby brother. Times were always tight for the McKinnon family, and Susanna had to forgo the opportunity to go to college. After graduating from high school, she worked full time, and still lived with her parents, donating her earnings to them and raising her brother.

By the time Walter turned 18 years of age, the family had saved enough money to send him to college. Susanna, now 32 years old still helped to support her brother, sending him spending money and saving a little to improve her own education. She attended night classes with the intent of becoming a nurse.

When she was 34, she met the love of her life, Chuck Winfield, Chuck. He was a young widower, several years her junior, looking for someone special. They met while she was waitressing at a restaurant he was at with some of his friends. Along with a hefty tip, he left a message with his number. She mulled over the idea, and days later called him. They dated several times, and things turned romantic. When they found out Susanna was pregnant, they had a rushed marriage ceremony. Walter did not approve of Chuck, but knew that the child was of the greatest concern.

Their son, Charles Winston Winfield was born in 2033, and the happy couple lived in a small home in Tacoma. Chuck worked at a local munitions plant, and Susanna had found work as a home health aid to a wealthy woman named Rachael Gadiel. The years passed, and the elder McKinnons died within months of each other. They had no assets to pass on to their children, only debt. Walter was still in school, now attending graduate school, so Susanna accepted to honor the debt herself. During their marriage, Chuck was worse than a child, and refused to do any of the housework.

When Charles was six, she knew something was different about him. He always knew exactly how she was feeling, even if she didn’t vocalize it. He told her that her color would change based on her feelings. Her colors varied between blue and green according to him.

In 2044, Susanna noticed that she was becoming worn out easily, though the demands of work and family kept her going. When she could no longer continue, she visited the local hospital. After an examination, they discovered that breast cancer had metastasized, and spread through her lymph nodes to other major organs. They told her there was nothing they could do, at least not without great expense, and told her she had only months to live.

During her month of life, her son kept her company at cared for her. She tried to teach him how to do the household chores, because she knew the two of them would not survive without her otherwise. She died on May 18, 2045 at the age of 47. Her dying wish was that her brother, Walter watch over her son Charlie after she died.

Her ward, Ms. Gadiel outlived her by several years.

Susanna McKinnon Winfield

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