Time Off

I knew that after that last endeavor, I knew I would not take any missions until after Sitra and I returned from our planned honeymooon.

When we returned from the Clubhouse, roughly twelve hours after leaving it for that mission, Sitra, Allie and Chips were nowhere to be seen. When I called Sitra, I learned that they had gone apartment shopping without me. She had no idea how many days we would be gone, so I could understand that, but I still felt a little jealous. They were currently at dinner, at the Glass Onion in Downtown Seattle. They would be home after that.

When they got home, they ((Sitra and Allie that is)) launched into describing this one particular condo that they think I would love, well at least they did. Chips had a few things to say too, mostly about how neat the elevator was, and the fact that the ground floor included a pizza parlor. Plus, it has two bedrooms, so we could always have company (read, a bedroom for Zany and Pariah if he so desires. Plus, there are other units with more bedrooms for the pitter patter of little children. I am surprised that she hadn’t already put a deposit on it. I will definitely have to go down there myself and take a look, especially since now I have some extra spending money.

Two days after our return though, I needed to take a stop by my future mother-in-law’s. Sitra came along to visit her family and promised not to get involved in our business discussions. When we got there, she went upstairs to talk with her brother.

First, I showed her the remnants of my engagement ring. She told me that she could repair the magic in it, but I would need a jeweler to fix the actual gold first. Okay, I suppose I could live with that.

Next, I asked her about the proper disposal of voodoo dolls. She looked at me quizzically, and asked if this question was purely academic or whether there was something more to it. I explained the situation we experienced in the Rat’s Nest, and she understood but questioned about why there were practitioners of Voodoo in Seattle. I said if there are practitioners of Hinduism here, why couldn’t there be Voodoo too. She said I suppose, and said that she would get back to me on this.

After we lunched on some samosas, I told Sitra that I needed to stop at the jewelry store before we went Downtown. She suggested a downtown jewelry store she and Allie had been at a couple of days before. When we got there, she went immediately to a jewelry case, and said “Don’t those topaz earrings match my eyes perfectly?”. I whispered “They used to.” She nodded and said “How about these sapphire ones then instead?”. How could I refuse?, so 500 Nuyen later, and another wad of Nuyen to repair my ring, we were on our way. As she left, she said that she saw a new dress that would be ideal for our upcoming trip to Hawaii. All right, you got me.

We finally arrived at the condominium after a few of those types of stops, and I must stay it was pretty nice and brand new construction. You could get a lot more room in an apartment in Renton or Redmond, but you couldn’t beat the views or the location, with the Puget Sound and Mount Rainier in the distance. I said maybe when we get back home from our honeymoon. I put a deposit down so they didn’t sell it, and let them know we’d make our decision soon.

On our way home from looking at the condo, Sitra told me that Rajiv asked her for money. He said that he was going to ask for Padmala’s hand in marriage, but knew he would need to show her father that he could support her… On my dime apparently… She looked at me doe eyed, and I said, we’ll see.

The date of our nuptuals kept getting closer and closer, and thankfully with me having ample time off, we are nearly prepared for the days events. Roughly a week prior to our big event, Sitra came to me and said, Don’t let Pariah know that you know this, but Allie mentioned something about packing some bags for a trip. She said that she couldn’t tell me where we were all going, but when she started humming Viva Las Vegas I knew what she was thinking. When I asked her if we were going to Las Vegas, she asked me how I knew. I told her, you are not the only one who knows Elvis Presley. She replied, it’s not Elvis Presley, its Peelvis Cressley. So, I guess I better act surprised when I learn where we are going. Thankfully, I will already be packed.

The next day, when I emerged from our chambers after readying myself for the day, I am suddenly picked up by Byk, who says “You’re coming with me Mr. Doctor man”. I could hear Sitra and Zany giggling in the background as they picked up our bags.

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Time Off

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