Tir Tairngire

Tir Tairngire

Politics and Government

The Tir was run by the Council of Princes established by Lugh Surehand during the creation of Tir Tairngire. The country went through a transition to a more democratic government. The Star Chamber was given more power as the legislative branch, and the Council of Princes was replaced by a High Council. The only members of the Council of Princes that remain are Hestaby and Rex. The head of state and government is High Prince Larry Zincan. The High Prince is now an elected position. Zincan was the only ork on the Council of Princes before the transition. The national military and police force (Constabulary) are one and the same, forming two halves of the Peace Force.

Portland AKA Cara’Sir (Sperethiel)

Tir Tairngire did not sign the Business Recognition Accords. Megacorporations can only operate in Tir Tairngire through subsidiaries which do not enjoy extraterritoriality. The Council of Princes, as a collective, owns at least 5% of the subsidiary. The head corporate officer must be a Tir subject unless the Council gives a special dispensation. The High Prince can allow a megacorporation to operate without these restrictions by giving a “Prince’s Seal.” Kokura Biotechnology was the last corp to receive a Prince’s Seal, but it left the country when the economy went bad. The Council of Princes, as a collective, used to own at least 5% of all national corporations. However, this restriction has been lifted in hopes of revitalizing the economy. Much of this has changed with the recent political turmoil in the Tir. Although the country has opened its borders more to megacorporation investment it remains to be seen exactly how the economic climate will settle in this now chaotic state.

Corporate Presence
Ares Macrotechnology
Andalusian Light Industries
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
New Dawn Corporation
Telestrian Industries Corporation (HQ: Portland)
Williamette Compustat Corporation

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Tir Tairngire

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