Gregor Rastovich, or simply Tovarich to his friends, is the 43 year-old owner of Gregor’s Pawn and Trade. He was born and raised near Veliky Novgorod, and had served in the Spetnaz before emigrating to Seattle 5 years ago with his family.

He opened up a pawn shop that started selling mostly Russian knickknacks and repaired second-hand electronics. He has managed to maintain some of his contacts over in Russia and has become an adept fence in selling merchandise from his ‘downstairs’ cache to favored clients.

In 2045, Gregor’s younger brother, Dmitry was shot and killed on the street down from his family’s home in Novgorod. The murder was believed to be mob related and several suspects were considered. However, many of the suspects were killed, often violently and brutally before the investigation was able to be completed. Forensic reports of the crime scenes show the use of military-grade weaponry and tactics. Several reliable sources were believed to have spotted Gregor in Novgorod at the time, and he was questioned extensively by the local authorities. However, his alibi was confirmed by his company’s CO and he returned to the service without charges.

Gregor has seven children – The eldest, Katerina (19), is from a previous relationship, still lives in Russia. The remaining children live in Seattle with Gregor and Tania; Arkady (14) Nicholai (11), the twins Nadyia & Natalia (7), Alexis (5) & Victor (3). Tania, while holiday shopping with their youngest son, Victor in the Renraku Arcology, was trapped within when it was mysteriously locked down in December last year. Like all that are trapped in the Arcology, neither of them have been heard from.

Gregor is a good friend to Pariah, after Pariah helped him subdue some would-be robbers, who wanted access to Gregor’s downstairs sales. He also introduced Byk, a Russian troll to the group, of which he joined.

Gregor was kidnapped by the Russian Mafia in retaliation for monies stolen from them by the DV-8s. The money was returned and Gregor was released, mostly unharmed. He appreciates that Pariah & Byk gave up 5,000,000¥ for his safe return.



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