University of Washington

The University of Washington dominates the area north of Lake Washington Canal and east of Intercity 5. The University District—or “U District”—is a center for shopping and culture. Most of the shops are clustered along University Way NE, known as “the Ave.” The University
Bookstore is one of the largest shops, along with all sorts of trendy marts. Most housing in the area is middle- and lower-class apartments for university students and faculty. The University of Washington (U-Dub to locals) is the oldest center for higher learning in the Pacific Northwest. It’s best known for its computer sciences program, turning out bright new datajocks for the megacorporations. Corporate-funded research programs litter the campus, though the most sensitive projects usually are housed in secure company-owned facilities kilometers away from the campus.

The Ave has the best lore stores in Downtown, like University Lore and the Blue Moon. You can also find plenty of shops that sell electronics, computers and software, including skillchips—and the sort of skillsofts useful to shadowrunners, usually hidden away behind the various linguasofts and college tutorials.

“Famous” Alumni:

Henrietta Anne Blomquist
Logan Hammersmark
Sitra Dorothea Janeet
Elizabeth McKinnon
Walter McKinnon
Charles Winston Winfield III

University of Washington

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