Victoria VanHeusen

A street doc in south Bellevue.

VictoriaDr. VanHeusen is a slim, athletic woman in her late 20’s, with black curly hair that falls to her shoulders, and blue eyes. She is attractive, with a girl-next-door quality, and an easy smile. She has a physician’s pace, and seems to be rushing everywhere.

Victoria is a long-time friend of Rook’s, having grown up as friends with his sister. She graduated from SUMC and set up practice in Bellevue, where she works at a street clinic. Despite being a couple of years older than Rook, she has long had a secret crush on him. She is married and has two children, however, and so has put that in the past.

She refused to believe that Rook could have been involved with drugs on any level, and the news reports saying otherwise didn’t sway her in the least. As two friends from Texas who re-united in far away Seattle, they often partied together to relieve the stress of college.

She finds great fulfillment in working at the two-story street clinic, where she feels that she is helping those who need it most.






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Victoria VanHeusen

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