Wedding Invite

Since Rebecca is a book about a widower who is still in love with his deceased spouse, this novel seems an appropriate title for the situation. In this matter however, the deceased love and the current love are one in the same:


Charles Winston Winfield III


Dorothea Janet Johnson

joyfully invite you to share

in their happiness

as they unite in marriage

on Saturday, the twenty-ninth of January

two thousand sixty one

at four o’clock in the afternoon

Tacoma Dome Hotel

East 26th Street and E Street

Tacoma, Seattle



Charles Winston Winfield II
Walter and Elizabeth McKinnon
Owen Manes
Rana Janeet
Dr. Luigi Maroni
Jordan Wiessman
Dr. Alan and Tessa Muir
Roxanne Wunter
Jordan Wiessman

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Wedding Invite

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