Day 1

We all piled into a chartered jet, heading for parts unknown, though by that time I was able to walk using my own two feet. Okay, its Las Vegas, but I am not supposed to know that. When we touched down at an airstrip, the immense casinos could be seen not so far away. This could possibly be the first vacation I have ever been on. Before my mother died, we visited some of the Downtown attractions during the summer, but was that actually a vacation? After she died, the only vacation time we had was spent at my father’s hangout, Vox Populi, or in the stacks at the library. I did go to San Francisco to visit Sitra once, while she was away at school, but we spent the whole weekend in her apartment, so didn’t see much – though there was certainly some exploring going on.

I and Sitra coasted through the checkpoints, and she was perfect in responding to Dr. Dorothea Johnson. By the time the others got through, we had already read a couple of tourist magazines in the lounge.

We arrived via limousine to the Bellagio, a grand dame of a casino. While in the limo, the gambling already started, as they had a built in keno game. Pariah as event coordinator, said we would check in at the hotel, and spend the day gambling, and meet for a late dinner. Sounds good to me. It is nice to relax and have fun once in a while. When we arrived in front of the casino, the fountains were dancing to the music of Frank Sinatra “Luck Be a Lady Tonight”. I recognized the song from an artist that Dr Maroni frequently plays in his home. The fountains are calming and exciting at the same time, and I felt like spending money. When I viewed the fountains astrally, the subliminal messages are more obvious – spend, spend, spend. After we checked in at our monumental suite, we all went down to the gambling floor.

Sitra told me that she knows that the bachelor party is an important part of American male society, and that though she wasn’t giving me a free pass, she wanted me to enjoy this time, and said she was going to have a good time too, with limitations. Sounds like fun to me. We all went our separate directions, and I meandered over to the craps tables.

A few mixed drinks later, and it didn’t matter if I understood the game or not. I was having everybody blow on my dice for extra luck, and it seemed to be helping. I knew I had to pace myself somewhat, but the free drinks kept coming.

Sitra came over a couple of times to see how I was doing, and said she was breaking even. After several hours of play, I didn’t care how I was doing. At the next table, I heard a distinct voice and turned to see Static at the next table. When someone pounded on the table in exasperation, I could see he looked a little perturbed, but some counseling seems to have helped. I phoned Allie to tell her who I saw. She seemed depressed that she was the only one not drinking, but seemed excited when I told her who was here. Before we disconnected, she asked me to kick Pariah in the gonads for getting her pregnant. This is something I would never do – sober, that is.

So, I was innocently playing my game- admittedly laughing like a little girl at times, and admiring the bust size of a woman across the table from me, when all of a sudden, the biggest atomic wedgie ever occurred to me. Being the geeky kid in school, I have experienced many wedgies, but none to this caliber. Some people around me were laughing, others were in shock. When I painfully turned to see who did this, Byk was there laughing, and Pariah dressed how I had never imagined him to dress was there – a neon blue suit and top hat. Nearly stumbling over drunk, I kneed him in the gonads as Zany requested, and I promptly fell over backwards. Security quickly rushed over, but when they saw us both laughing, they went away. Pariah said he just wanted to see how I was doing, and reminded me we had dinner plans in two hours. Wow, time flies fast.

After changing my underwear, I returned to some more gaming, and Sitra came and got me to go to dinner at the lavish buffet. All you can eat? Must have been Byk’s idea. After a few toasts to the newlywed couple (not Sitra and I, but Pariah and Allie, we filled our plates a couple of times. Drake was wishing he had access to his drones to refill his plates, and Pariah almost had a coniption when I levitated a lobster tail on his plate. Not wanting to waste food though, I volunteered to eat it. We had been there for a little while, when all of a sudden I heard this voice I will never ever forget. “Damn you, where is the steak I ordered 20 minutes ago – this is the worst service ever” – emanating from my father. The wait staff was upset with these outbursts, and I moved to diffuse the situation. I went to his table, and sat across from me. He was obviously trashed (more than myself)) and didn’t recongize me, and thought I was the maitre de. He complained to me about the service, when suddenly a steak landed on his plate from across the room. Didn’t he realize this was a buffet? When the room erupted in laughter, he got up and stormed off, leaving his bill on table. I knew he came to Las Vegas once in a while, but never expected to run into him here.

When I stood up from our table after a few more rounds, I knew I was done for the day. Sitra was a bit disappointed, because she and Zany wanted to go club hopping, but said they will do that tomorrow instead. When Sitra was in the washroom removing her makeup I dove for the telephone book and was skimming through it. When she emerged, she asked what I was looking for, and I said drunkely whores for Byk. She laughed and said that I would find them under escorts. I thought of some witty remark, but my brain was not functioning well enough. Several hundred nuyen later, and a troll “escort” named Ivana (or at least she would pretend to be) would be waiting for him when he returned.

Day 2

My phone rang early, at 10am and when I was about to aske who would have the gumption to call so early, I noticed it was my father. Before I could ask him how his time in Vegas was going, he said “Hey kid, do you mind if I bring a date to your wedding”. Sitra gave a slight affirmative nod, and I said “Well, she might have to sit at a different table from you, but it is something we could manage.” He replied: “Okay, see you Friday!” and disconnected.

After speaking with my father, Dot and I went down to the buffet to meet everyone for breakfast. Byk was there first, and already had some empty plates in front of him. I asked him how last night went, and he replied “Very well” with a toothy grin. Across from him, trying to avoid looking at him, was his new girlfriend [[Red. Just after we arrived, Drake arrived, looking fresh and ready for a new day. When Pariah and Zany arrived, their first night of wedded bliss was evident on their bodies. It must have been a long night. While we were sitting around, carrying along as normal, some doomsday weirdo came though, with handouts, ascribing the end of the world to Halley’s Comet this summer. Out of all of us, Drake seemed to believe it the most, but even he had his doubts.

When we left the restaurant for our day of sight seeing, Pariah b-lines it straight across the hallway to a orangish poster. He was nearly jumping up and down in excitement when he said The Seventh Deadly Sin is performing tonight at the Planet Hollywood ampitheatre. He was like a giddy schoolkid. He rushed out the door. He said that we just had to go. Great. Just what I wanted to do. Yippee skippy. I had heard that band before blaring on the speakers at the Clubhouse and I knew it wasn’t for me. Were those words that were being sung, or just people screaming?

Anyway, when I said I really wasn’t interested, and Drake said he wasn’t either, Byk slapped me on the back, nearly expunging my diaphragm, and said “You are coming and you will have good fun.” The ticket office was closed now, but we would return later this afternoon. For now, it was time for some quality sightseeing, up and down the strip we went, with an excursion to Hoover Dam. That is still am impressive feat of engineering to this day. I think I aggravated Pariah one too many times with my sarcastic statements about his favorite band, because he said “next time you say something sarcastic about the Seventh Deadly Sin, you will regret it.” I promptly replied with “Me? Would I say something sarc” Before I could finish my sentence, he had me down on the ground, incapacitated, in some maneuver called a Figure 6, or something along those lines. He said, “Have you had enough?” I wheezed “yes” and he helped me to my feet. I can’t say I didn’t deserve that. I seem to remember that move from before, when I was used as a varsity wrestling “practice dummy” in the hallways at school. I was not very popular.

Stepping off the bus, a strange character struck up a conversation with Pariah. He looked like a cross between the Tin Man and Darth Vader. When he was talking about the CFS military, Pariah perked right up. Byk seemed interested in his chrome dome. When he started talking about murder being something he enjoyed doing, we all kind of tuned him out. Like a puppy dog though, he latched on to us and followed us throughout the evening’s events.

When we got back, the line for the concert was forever long. Fortunately, at least for some, we were able to get tickets for general admission. When the time came for entry, we rushed in to find the best seats we could. Pariah seemed upset when he saw the sign saying, no moshing with no symbols over someone with cyber limbs. Whatever that means.

Before the concert started, Byk had me fully decked out in the regalia of the band, including some thing a ma boppers on my head. When Byk asked me if I could see, I said not really, and soon I was up in the air, with the smoke and fumes, but I had a great view. It was actually kind of fun, and the music was not as bad as I was expecting, at least until the last couple of songs.

From there, we headed to some upscale strip joint, or “gentleman’s club” as they call them. Gentleman, well that must be a term very loosely defined. The drinks were expensive, but good. From there, we needed some more sleeze, so headed to this place called the Va Va Voom Room. There were girls doing all sorts of things, like something only seen in dreams. When we got there, I could barely see straight; by the end, I didn’t quite know who I was. Red was there too, which was kind of odd.

When we left though, there was a loud woman’s scream emanating from the back of the club. Being the chivalrous gents we are, we went around the back to investigate. There, we saw four men preventing a woman and man from exiting the back door area of the establishment. That man looks awefully familiar, hey wait is that my dad? Thwack, and he is laying down on the pavement. In we come, mostly unarmed. Soon, three of the men are on the run, and after Byk slams into the fourth man, he is also laying on the pavement. Before I could attend to my father wake him, Byk pounces on the guy on the ground, accidentally killing him. I did what I could in my inebriated condition, but it wasn’t enough. He was a goner.

The young woman, Dixie I think is what my father called her, does not want to accompany us. Who could blame her. So, we take my father back to the Bellagio, where I arrange for a separate room for him. We talk a little bit about who she was, gave him a little spending money, and we headed back out for some more fun. I don’t remember much after that.

Day 3

When I woke up, Sitra was asleep next to me. When I asked her how her night was, she smiled and said good. Like me, though, she wouldn’t give any details, though she did mention that she really enjoyed the concert. We decided it would be best to leave early, before anyone catches on what we had done. It would have been nice to visit some more places, but heck, I am sure I will be back.

We boarded our charter plane, and the new guy, who’s name escapes me, says he will see us in Seattle soon. He seems too infatuated with death though, so I hope this was the last time I see him.

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