Name: Allison Jasmine Ambrose (nee Bree)        Aliases: Zany, Allie
PoB: Seattle, UCAS        DoB: Apr 10, 2037
Gender: Female        Age: 24
Height: 5-7        Weight: 130
Measurements: 34B-22-33
Hair: Varies        Eyes: Light Blue
SIN: Active

Body: 4
Quickness: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 5
Essence: 4.40
Magic: 0
Reaction: 4

Initiative: 2d6+4
Dice Pools: Combat 7
Karma Pool: 2
Professional Rating: 4

Active Skills

  • Etiquette (Business): 4 (6)
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Negotiate (Fast Talk): 2 (4)
  • Motorcycle: 3
  • Sub-machine Gun: 4
  • Pistol: 3
  • Unarmed Combat (Kick): 3 (5)
  • Knowledge: Street (Police/Security Procedures, Gang Identification)
  • Knowledge: Academic (Mathematics, Finance, Accounting, Economics)
  • Knowledge: Sixth World (N/A)
  • Knowledge: Backgrounds (Etiquette, Sub-Machine Gun)
  • Knowledge: Interests (Herpetology)

Physical Description: Zany is of average height and of a slim build. Her hair color and dress style changes as her mood sees fit, which is to say, fairly often. She has a several piercings and tattoos, more notable ones being a tribal spider on her right shoulder, angelic-demonic on her inner forearms, and another tribal design on the small of her her back.

Cybernetics: Boosted Reflexes 1, Retractable Hand Razors, Smartgun Link, Chipjack, Datajack

Criminal Record: several misdemeanors for Disturbing the Peace, Disorderly Conduct, Public Indecency and Reckless Driving. Note: Although she does not use her father’s name or position to her advantage, it is often enough for the local law enforcement to keep her out harm’s way, and not be as stringent on her punishments.

Zany is impulsive, to say the least. She is also defiant, outspoken, spirited & rebellious, as highlighted by her criminal record. She is an active rights activist, but would gladly devour a medium-rare steak over a soy salad any day. She quickly has grown from a manipulative gang member to a competent mother. Where she once had ‘friends’ who wouldn’t lift a finger to help her, she now has a large and loyal group who would do anything to help her at a moment’s notice. Trust had never been one of her strong points, but she has come to believe that she has people who care for her, and that feeling is reciprocated. Her best friend is Dot, and, although they are total opposites, they treat each other like sisters.

Dane’s wife, and former Chiller Thrillers groupie/gang member. She is currently pregnant with their second child, due sometime in July 2062.

Allison is the estranged sole daughter of Edwin W Morrison III, owner and CEO of Morrison Steel, but she has adopted the use of her mother’s maiden name. She was born into a life of luxury, but chooses to ‘fraternizes with those beneath her status’, often getting into trouble with her friends, much to her father’s disgrace. Her last fight with her father has resulted in her being cut off from her trust fund (although she still owns 5.75% stock in Morrison Steel, with +.25% increase per birthday). She has a degree in business management from Seattle University, and a keen eye for finances.

Recently, Zany had fallen in with a local gang, the Chiller Thrillers. During that time, she accompanied them on a robbery of a local Stuffer Shack. The gang opted to wait for more customers to enter the Stuffer Shack before robbing it, hoping for a larger payout from the customers. Unfortunately for them, the next customers were a group of shadowrunners, known as the DV-8s, who made short work of most of the gang. She quickly became enamored with one of them, Pariah, who knocked her down to take her out of the fight instead of killing her. After the foiled robbery, she quickly fled the scene, and then noticed that Pariah had left his phone number, tucked away in her jacket pocket.

She has now spent several months living with Pariah at the Clubhouse. Due to the fact that the DV-8s spend a considerable amount of time together, she has become friends with Chips and has become quite close to Dot, Doc’s FiancĂ©. Dot has become Zany’s confidant for many of her secrets.

She and Pariah had been together for a few months when she discovered that she was pregnant. She avoided telling him for some time, fearing that he may leave, instead confiding in Dot. Eventually, the truth came out and they got engaged shortly thereafter. Rather then setting a specific wedding date, they eloped and were married at the Chapel of Flowers in Las Vegas on Jan 22, 2061. Their daughter, Athena was born July 31st, 2061 at Auburn General Hospital.

She is pregnant again, expecting sometime in July.

In the Food Fight Shadowrun Zany was :

Zany is dressed to get noticed in a long coat over a skimpy pair of cut-offs and a halter top. The duster has a gory emblem on its back, a skull with a bloodstained icicle stuck through its left eye. Her shoulder bag contains an Ares Predator. She is sitting on the counter between Areas E and F, sipping a drink.

Zany is the gang’s chick. She knows it and they know it. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you know it, too. She uses her gender to get what she wants, switching from sex kitten to homicidal maniac in an instant. She will make a play for any male human or elf in the shadowrunner team, volunteering to search them herself. This makes Wiley insanely jealous (which is her goal, of course), and he will go after any player character who shows any interest in Zany. If a firefight starts she’ll fire at will. She is wearing high heels, which means she suffers the modifier for walking or running on difficult ground (see Ranged Combat Modifiers Table, p. 112 in SR3). They also click as she walks because both toe and heel are armored spikes (4M Physical damage).

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