The DV8's

Eyes of the Dragon

Only about ten days after I had gotten home, Pariah gives me a call and says Tovarich has contacted me with some new jobs; come down to the Clubhouse so we can discuss it. Dot was off to work, so I sent her a message and got my gear together. Though I didn’t necessarily want a new job right now, I have bills to pay and more dreams to fulfill. Besides, I kind of want to experiment with this new found power that I have. He tells me that the second meet is downtown several hours after the first, so I should be able to come back here to rest a bit.

When I get to the Compound, the gang is there: Pariah. Red and Drake. It is strange to not have Byk there anymore and the place seems quiet now. We already had a vote on whether we should ask Rook to join us on our next missions, if he was so willing. The vote is unanimous and was enthusiastic. After we briefly discuss what has been learned about these new missions, and after Pariah gives Rook a call, we agree that we will pick him up on our way to Puyallup. The location for pickup isn’t too far from my new apartment.

We arrive there and pick him up under the I-5 overpass near Sunset and Third and head towards Puyallup to meet Mr. Yin. Puyallup looks much the same as it had for many years, fields of ash and abandoned buildings. Who would willingly live here? We arrived at our destination, or at least what the GPS said. “This is it, this is number 1523.” When I look around, I see that there are a few ork gangers and a wall that has some odd looking, almost medieval barbs sticking out of it. When I get to look a little closer, with everyone else, we kind of make out a pagoda style building in the distance, barely visible from this angle. Drake pulls around and hits the “call” button. When we confirm who we are, the gates open. Drake says he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving his baby here like this, the rest of us get out and enter through the gate. There is a well manicured pathway heading towards the structure we saw. The pathway is flanked by various potted plants. Beyond, is a field of what looks like obsidian, with intermittent pillars of black glass sticking up. As we get closer to the pagoda, we notice that there are sumptuous gardens and ponds closer. As we approach, we are greeted by a man, who bows before us. Taking our cue from Red we bow in return. He beckons us to wait here while he fetches his master.

The master arrives after a few moments. He is dressed in traditional garb of green and red color. When I see him, he seems vaguely familiar. However, moments later when he morphs into a dragon, he looks much more familiar. It seems that Mr. Yin is our none too friendly Wei Lange. If I had only been perceiving him astrally, I might have known his true form earlier. He says ““We have some unfinished business that I shall take care of now….” Rook runs and fires at him, and the bullets strike, but there is a flash as they do so, and disappear. The battle continues, and we try to spread apart, but before we can do so, he unleashes his fiery breath upon Pariah and I. The flames hit my clothing and I jump out of the way, though experiencing some burns. As the others continue to fire on him, I work on dispelling this magical shield around him that causes their bullets to bounce off. We continue to fan out as he unleashes more flames on Rook and Pariah. I continue my dispelling, when he jumps towards the entrance way to confront Red. Speaking of entryway, what in the drek is Drake up to? Why hasn’t he come to our aid? I finally manage to dispel his armor, and the bullets start biting into him. In a matter of seconds, he vanishes. The others continue to fire upon him, while I switch to astral perception and see he is trying to fly away. I unleash another spell on him as the gunfire and my magic seem to be taking their toll. He however manages to escape. First we escaped, now he did. I guess that means it is a tie game. I consider the possibility of taking off after him in my astral form, but the thought of a dragon retaliating against me, and me alone sends shudders down my spine. After I manage to attend to myself and my friends with some basic medical care, we make our way to the Pagoda.

As we try to enter, the servant who initially greeted us, tells us we are not welcome. I, after having only gotten out of trouble with the law a little over a week ago, am a little leery of now assaulting an unarmed man and breaking and entering, so begin to back away. Red however, thinks otherwise, as she tries to push him out of the way. Before she can react however, she is suddenly turned on her head by his quick blows. She is out cold. The servant disappears for a few brief moments and returns with his hands full of “gifts”. He hands a helmetto Rook, a mask to Pariah and a sword to me. The sword seems like it has a life of its own. He lays a roseon Red backs up, says “Thank you. Now You Go”, bows and backs away, closing the doors. Interesting. I guess that is our cue to leave.

We return to the van with Red in tow, and discover Drake, there with horrible music blasting. Isn’t that that Seven Deadly Sins music? I thought he was in agreement with me and Zany that it wasn’t that enjoyable. When we got in the van, he said "“That was quick. We got a gig?” After a few moments, Pariah retorts “Time to find a Stuffer Shack.” Drake: “Okay, that’s a strange one, but there is one not too far way.”

We get some much needed supplies, you know junk food and some cheap clothes, and make our way back towards the city proper. I tell the group, well since the next meeting is at Reno’s, why don’t we stop my place and freshen up a bit. It sounded like a good idea to everyone.

We make it back there, and I say, we can park in the garage, in my second stall, but it would probably be best to take the service elevator up, as we don’t look like we just came back from a day at the races. The way is clear to the service elevator, and after I press my index finger on the sensor, it whisks us up to my floor. I emerge first into the lobby area on that floor, and see that one of the neighbor kids is there playing with one of her dolls. She sees me, and says “Hi”, looks behind me, and rushes into her apartment. Imagine if it had been Byk behind me. I escort the group into the apartment, and said make yourself comfortable. Dot was still not home yet, I suppose she probably went to the Clubhouse after work to hang out with Zany. Rook had brought a change of clothes for himself. I told Pariah that Zany keeps an extra set of clothes for him in “her bedroom” and Red, who hadn’t been burned might, be able to patch up her outfit a bit. Drake, well, he looked just the same as he did when we left the Clubhouse earlier.

After I cleaned up a bit and put on some new clothes, I heated up some left overs from the party a couple of nights before. Now that we were cleaned up a bit, I offered that we could take one of the cars from the limo service and arrive in style at Reno’s Previous times that we had been there, we knew that they wouldn’t let us in with our weapons (okay, them with their weapons), so left some of them behind at the apartment.



Phayt Smorgie

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