GyRoc 250

Ares GyRoc 250 PDW

weapon (ranged)

The Ares GyRoc 250 is a prototype Personal Defense Weapon that fires caseless 6mm rockets that detonate upon impact. While initial velocity on leaving the barrel is quite low, it quickly increases to over 400 meters per second at 10 meters out. The result is a very portable weapon with excellent ballistics, but due to the limited propellant in the rockets, they have a short effective range, with a notable decrease in velocity and accuracy at ranges over 100 meters.

Conceal Ammo Mode Dmg Wt Cost Availability Street Index Legality
7 21 (clip) SA/BF/FA Ammo 4 kg 25,000¥ 14/14 Days 3 6-?
Weapon Skill Length (Folded) Range
GyRoc 250 GyroJet Pistol 61.7 cm (40.6 cm) 10/20/50/100
  • Top, bottom and barrel mounts for attachments.
  • 21-Round magazine
  • Internal Smartgun II Link
  • Internal Gas Vent IV (+4 Recoil Compensation) [Barrel Mount]
  • Foldable Stock (+1 to Recoil Compensation)
  • Paladin AFG foregrip (+1 to Recoil Compensation) [Bottom Mount]
  • Holographic QA reflex sight [Top Mount]
  • Sling Mounts

Ammunition The rocket ammunition of the GyRoc is quite limited, therefore the price is reflected in it’s scarcity. As this technology becomes more standardized, the availability and the price should drop accordingly.

  • Standard Rockets – Gyrojet rockets are propelled by an alkaline-reactive fuel and are designed to explode upon impact.
  • Plus Rockets – The Gyrojet-Plus rockets are armor-piercing rounds, capable of penetrating armor and delivering a potent blast. The rockets use the rules for APDS ammo (halves opponent’s ballistic armor rating, rounding down), and they are anti-vehicular.
  • Seeker Heads – These rocket heads feature sensor systems and are programmed to home in on the redirected energy from a target designator. The type of designator (laser, microwave or radar) must be selected at the time of purchase. Seeker rockets may be standard or plus rockets.
Ammo (per 10) Conceal Damage Weight Cost Notes
Standard 8 12M 1.75 800¥ -
Gyrojet Plus 8 12M 2.00 1200¥ Halves Ballistic Armor Rating/Anti-Vehicle
Seeker Heads -1 12M +0.25 x2 Allows indirect fire via target designator
  • A full clip (21 rounds) of standard rocket ammunition is 1680¥ (3360¥ for Seekers)
  • A full clip (21 rounds) of standard rocket ammunition is 2520¥ (5040¥ for Seekers)
  • As unassuming as it appears, I heard it is damn heavy and kicks like a bloody mule.
    – Trogdor [2060-09-29 10:15:36]

GyRoc 250

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