Malice MASS Web Gear

Modular Accessory Storage System


The Malice MASS (Modular Accessory Storage System) harness is a military-issue modular load-bearing system that can be uses the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) grid webbing allowing the wearer to customize an array of pouches of differing use to be attached to a core frame, allowing them a customizable load out for the situation as needed. Each unit is capable of holding a diverse assortment of storage units that can be exchange for other storage units as required.
Due to the varied demands put upon the system, the entire Malice Web Gear line of products are available in black, brown, tan, white & olive as well as over a dozen camouflage choices.
Due to the simple alterations one may make for personal preference, the Malice Web Gear is able to be worn over armor and/or under the outer wear. However, one may not utilize the rear slots if worn under outer wear. It should also be noted that the is designed for portable carrying capacity, not concealment, therefore the more additions, the more obvious the vest.

MASS Harness Frames

  • Vest Rig – The vest allows 12 units of storage on the front along the stomach and chest and sides, and 6 additional storage units on the upper and lower back. Accessing the rear storage units is a complex action. Cannot be worn with the waist rig or suspender harness.
  • Waist Rig – A belt-like unit that can be placed on the around the waist, with an adjustable double wide storage capacity for on the rear. It has 8 units of storage distributed around the waist. Cannot be worn with the vest rig.
  • Suspender Harness – An supplement to the waist rig for additional storage capacity, this runs suspenders from the front to the rear of the waist rig. Cannot be worn with the vest rig.
  • Leg Rig Platform – A drop-leg platform unit that can be placed on the thigh. It has 2 units of storage (per leg).
  • Bandolier – A sling that can be carried over the shoulder, this unit has 8 (4 on strap, 4 on double-wide bottom) units of storage. It has a quick release mechanism, allowing the wearer to remove the bandolier as a simple action.
  • Underarm Concealed Sling – A shoulder/underarm sling with a unit of storage under each arm. Items concealed as such have a +2 bonus to concealment, as a concealed holster.
  • Stock Attachment – A harness that may be attached to the stock of a standard rifle, this item has 2 units of storage.
  • Boot Attachment – The harness has 2 units of storage built into the outside of each boot.

MASS Attachments

Ammo Pouches
  • Shotgun – Holds 20 shotgun slugs or 10 mini grenades, uses 1 unit of storage.
  • Pistol/SMG Magazine Pouch – Holds 2 clips for a pistol or SMG for 1 unit of storage.
  • Rifle Magazine Pouch – Holds 3 rifle magazines for 1 units of storage.
  • Grenade Pouch – Holds 3 standard-size grenades for 1 unit of storage.
Utility Pouches
  • Pouch, Small – A small square pouch that holds approx 15×15×10cm for 1 unit of storage.
  • Pouch, Medium – A large rectangular pouch that holds approx 30×15×15cm for 2 units of storage. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically on to harness.
  • Pouch, Large – A large s pouch that holds approx 30×30×15cm for 4 units of storage. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically on to harness.
  • Backpack, MASS – A full-sized attachable backpack that holds up to 45×60×30cm of storage, must attach to the back of the vest or the suspenders for 4 units of storage.
  • Rucksack, Small – 30×45×15cm (20250 cu cm) Has 4 external units of storage and a quick release strap.
  • Rucksack, Large – 45×60×30cm (81000 cu cm) Has 6 external units of storage and a quick release strap.
  • Backpack, Standard| – 30×45×30cm (40500 cu cm) A standard backpack, that holds 6 external units of storage.
Carrying Accessories
  • Pistol Holster – A standard holster capable of holding a light or heavy pistol with 1 additional clip for 2 units of storage.
  • Rifle Scabbard – A scabbards capable of holding a shotgun or rifle on the back of the harness for 3 units of storage.
  • Knife Sheath – a sheath to hold a standard-size knife for 1 unit of storage.
  • Weapon Sling – A mount to attach a swiveled weapon sling 1 unit of storage.
Specialist Pouches
  • Medical Kit – Holds a standard medical kit for 2 units of storage.
  • Technical Kit – A pouch designed to carry a radio, flashlight , GPS, TacComm gear or other similar tech for 1 unit of storage.
  • Tool Kit – A pouch to hold a specialty toolkit, such as an electronics toolkit, medkit, or other portable kit for 2 units of storage.
Malice MASS Web Gear Weight Cost Slots (F/R/S) Con Capacity
Vest Frame 3 250 10/6/2 10
Waist Rig 1 150 2/4/2 10
Suspender Harness 1 100 6/4/0 6 +3* (-2)
Leg Rig 0.5 50 0/0/2 10
Bandolier 2 200 2/2/4 10
Stock Attachment 0.25 75 0/0/1 -
Boot Attachment 0.25 75 0/0/(1/1) 10
Rucksack, Small 5 250 8() 30×45×15cm (20250 cu cm)
Rucksack, Large 75 400 4() 45×60×30cm (81000 cu cm)
Backpack, Standard 1.0 400 2/0/4 30×45×30cm (40500 cu cm)
Underarm Concealed Sling 0.25 50 0/0/(1/1) +2 to Concealment for items carried
Shotgun Ammo Pouch 0.25 20 -1 -1 20 Rounds
Pistol/SMG Magazine Pouch 0.25 20 -1 -1 2 Magazines
Rifle Magazine Pouch 0.25 20 -1 -1 3 Magazines
Grenade Pouch 0.25 20 -1 -1 3 Grenades
Utility Pouch, Small 0.25 15 -1 -1 15×15×10cm (2250 cu cm)
Utility Pouch, Medium 0.25 30 -1 -1 15×15×10cm (2250 cu cm)
Utility Pouch, Large 0.5 50 -2 -2 30×30×15cm (13500 cu cm)
Backpack, MASS 2 100 -4* -4b 45×60×30cm (81000 cu cm)
Pistol Holster 0.25 100 -2 -2 Light or Heavy pistol
Rifle Scabbard 0.5 150 -3* -3b shotgun or rifle
Knife Sheath 0.05 25 -1 -1 Standard knife
Weapon Sling 05 50 -1* -1 *Must attach from a weapon and a harness
Medical Kit Pouch 3 225 -2 -2 Standard medical kit
Technical Kit varies 50 -1 -1 single item (light, GPS, com gear, bio-monitor)
Tool Kit varies +50 -2 -2 single kit (demolitions, electronics)

MASS Compatible Clothing
New MASS compatible clothing is a collection of BDU’s and more acceptable civilian articles of clothing that are rigged with the PALS webbing grids, allowing the wearer to add the MASS-compatible pouches and/or accessories directly onto the clothing rather than on a frame or rig. The clothing is available in an extensive variety of colors and designs.

Standard clothing options

  • Shirt (2x 1 hard points on front) 25¥ to standard cost of clothing
  • Pants/shorts (2x 1 hard points on sides) 25¥ to standard cost of clothing
  • Jacket/Coat (4 × 1 hard points, 2 front, 2 side) 50¥ to standard cost of clothing

PALS Mesh Add-ons
In addition, the PALS webbing may be attached to a near-limitless range of items and/or locations; such as in vehicles, on furniture, or on other equipment with a simple use or adhesive or stitching. A unit of PALS webbing grid costs 25¥ per hard point. Its location allowance is up to the discretion of the GM. The webbing would then be able to hold one of more of the MASS attachments, changeable at the discretion of the user.


Malice MASS Web Gear

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