Pins – Pins are awarded as engagement specific accomplishments. – These can be awarded multiple times from multiple engagements if the criteria is met.
? Combat Efficiency Pin
? Problem Solver Pin
? Valiant Rescuer Pin
? Emergency Rescue Pin
? Walking Wounded Pin

Badges Badges are awarded from cumulative experiences, representing active duty accomplishments. They are awarded from bronze, to silver and gold as additional criteria is met and is superseded by the next one.
? Support Qualification Badge – Silver
? Rifle Qualification Badge – Gold
? Field Medic Service Badge – Bronze
? Squad Leadership Qualification – Silver
? Command Excellence Badge – Bronze
? Field Repair Badge – Bronze
? Infantry Combat Excellence Badge – Silver

Ribbons Ribbons are awarded for campaign or other long-duty services. They are awarded to those who have served in said campaign or have met other service criteria.
? Operation: Cool Breeze Service Ribbon [20xx-xx-xx]
? Operation: Hammer Head Service Ribbon [20xx-xx-xx]
? Long Duty Service Ribbon [20xx-xx-xx]

Medals Medals are awarded to for accomplishments beyond the call of duty. They reflect accomplishments that go beyond what his expected of service.
Purple Heart Purple Heart [2055.09.10]
? Armed Forces Combat Action Medal [20xx-xx-xx]
? Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal [20xx-xx-xx]

Long Duty Service Ribbon [20xx-xx-xx] Reenlistment or other extended services beyond the standard requirement.
Purple Heart [2055.09.10] – Wounded or killed while serving.

Snake Doctor, Dirt Diver, Betty Blue, Cool Breeze, and Hammer Head.


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