Aztechnology Criminology Calendar

March 3, 2061
21:00 Party meets Mr. Johnson at Reno’s. Given their assignment.

March 4, 2061
Track down leads about the operation. Chips reveals that he gave a person named Sable tips on how to crack Aztechnology’s security. Tovarich informs the DV-8s about a tip he heard about a run against Aztechnology being arranged at the Banshee at 22:00 tonight. The team hears that Ares and Federated Boeing are presently Aztechnology’s staunchest opponents. Rook’s ganger contact tells him that Aztechnology was being hit by the Brain Eaters. The group hires the Yakuza to watch the Aztechnology facilities in Renton and Bellevue and hires the Halloweeners to watch the two facilities in downtown.
21:00 Party arrives at the Banshee to watch for the Aztechnology meeting. A group of young shadowrunners meet with a Mr. Johnson in a back room. Pariah and Doc meet Maxine Wilson and talk to her. She mentions that she was lucky while in Vegas and won about 40,000 Nuyen. She also mentions that she bought a dog and that her great grand daughter Claudia is living with her. She implies that Claudia was really pretty and would make a great wife for a fine upstanding young Shadowrunner like themselves. She also mentions that she thinks Claudia has fallen in with the gangs. She also mentioned that Claudia moved back into town since her parents died in a fire in Aztlan. Though the party doesn’t get any details about the run, Red follows the runners when they leave and they look to be staking out the Federated Boeing facility in Fort Lewis. Rook picks up a couple of Joygirls which he takes back to a hotel in Renton.

March 5, 2061
Rook awakens bound and naked in the basement of a ruined building in Redmond. Though injuring himself significantly, he looses his bonds and after a period of searching, finds someone to loan him a phone so that he might contact the group. Doc treats Rook’s injuries and he is soon nearly as good as new.

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Aztechnology Criminology Calendar

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