Aztechnology Criminology Events

The line outside Reno’s is a mile long as usual but Pariah’s quick call to a friend gets the DV-8s escorted right in. A quick drink at the bar before they are escorted to a private room to meet Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson identifies himself as an employee of Aztechnology and reports that the corporation is having a significant problem this last month. A string of shootings has occurred at four of their Seattle area sites and he needs this problem addressed immediately before the bosses in Aztlan finds out about it. He gives the DV-8s a schedule of events that have occurred…

February Parties Injured Location Special Notes
1 2 Security guards killed Renton Manufactury
3 1 Security guard killed, 4 guard dogs drugged Renton Manufactury
4 1 Security guard, 1 Driver, 1 Mechanic killed Renton Manufactury
5 4 Security guards killed Renton Manufactury Guard reports having shot the invader.
7 2 Security guards, 1 Research assistant killed Downtown Research Facility
10 3 Security guards, 1 Helicopter pilot killed Aztechnology Arcology
13 1 Security guard killed Aztechnology Arcology
16 1 Security guard, 1 Driver killed Bellevue Research Facility Daytime attack
17 1 Security guard killed Bellevue Research Facility Daytime attack
18 2 Drivers killed Bellevue Research Facility Daytime attack
25 3 Security guards, 1 Scientist, 1 Research Assistant, 1 Decker killed Downtown Research Facility Significant penetration within the building.
26 1 Security guard killed Downtown Research Facility
27 1 Security Guard, 1 Driver killed Downtown Research Facility
28 2 Security guards killed Bellevue Research Facility Daytime attack

Mr. Johnson offers the DV-8s 750,000¥ to stop the attacks, 1,000,000¥ if they can do it in three days. If after nine days they have been unable to resolve the issue they will be given 100,000¥ for their time and the job will be done.

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Aztechnology Criminology Events

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