Double Take Epilogue

The DV-8s have no idea what Banshee says to Dog but in no time they are scheduled for a ride to Seattle hidden in a freighter. Though it makes them nervous getting locked into a shipping container and the accommodations could be much better, the group gets back to Seattle without too much difficulty. Doc and Banshee hit it off well while Pariah does not appear to be particularly forgiving of her double cross. A couple days into the trip, Red suddenly slips into a coma and Doc has to spend a good deal of time and effort merely keeping her alive with the lack of medical supplies and equipment that they have. When they arrive at the docks in Seattle and are eventually smuggled out, a man gets out of a Eurocar Westwind 2000 and greets them. The man is dressed in black head to toe and has black hair and very pale skin. When he moves even the fastest of the DV8’s are struggling to tell that he actually moved from one place to another rather than vanishing from one place and appearing at the other. The man introduces himself as Carlos and tells the group that only he can give Red what she needs in order to awaken. As he speaks the group can’t help but notice the overly large canine teeth the man has. He says, “I am sure you do not trust me so allow me to assure you that your friend will return under her own power tomorrow. Ahhh I see how you look at me, let me say tomorrow at noon.”

The Dv8’s return to the clubhouse and Red does rejoin them the next day at noon.

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Double Take Epilogue

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