Dr Maroni

Dr. Luigi Maroni, is a Seattle native. He is overweight and is of Italian ancestry and operates Reliant Health Care in Bellevue. Prior to opening the Reliant Health Care Clinic in 2058, Lou was an Urgent Care Specialist and reputable surgeon at University of Washington Hospital. While there, he supervised the intern now known as Doc and they became friends, often sharing a pizza together.

Dr. Maroni’s work at University Hospital came to an abrupt end after a patient named Warren Jacobs came in to have a large mole removed from his back. This patient is now known as Gwendolyn Jacobs, after a sexual reassignment surgery was performed instead.

As a result of this “accident” Dr. Maroni’s employment was terminated, his wife Raylene filed for divorce and he moved in with his mother Alice. Lou now no longer consumes alcohol, except for a little chianti with his mother’s famous bragiole.

He now operates Reliable Health Care and still lives with his mother in Regency Park, Bellevue.

Dr. Maroni was recently kidnapped by the Russian Mafia in retaliation for monies stolen from them by the Shadowrunners. Thankfully for Alice, she was off playing Keno at the local retirement home when he was kidnapped. The money was returned and Maroni was released, mostly unharmed. He appreciates that Doc and his compatriots gave up 5,000,000¥ for his safe return.

Dr Maroni

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