Dreamchipper-Part 1

          You came to Reno’s early tonight, decked out in your finest “running clothes” though you did have to leave your more obtrusive hardware at home. You can feel the music almost as soon as you can hear it. Deep throbbing bass and the piercing ring of a synth-guitar. Even though it is early, the rockerboys are whipping the crowd into a frenzy. You slip a crumpled nuyen note into the mangled hand of the Ork doorman and stride in. Style is all. You’ve got the clothes on your back and enough cash for a couple drinks, then, well you’re here to find work aren’t you? Your team begins to scatter as you reach the bar, figuring you can cover more area if you spread out. It seems as if every runner in Seattle had the same idea. There’s going to be fierce competition for any pickings tonight. you lean to whisper, or yell, in your partner’s ear when you feel a light touch on your forearm. Multi-colored lights play off the back of a woman’s delicate hand. You glance suspiciously up the arm to the attached corporate suit standing off to your side.
          “Before you Split up, I’d like to talk to you.” she shouts over the music. You look her up and down, then a second time for good measure. She’s easy to look at, with lots of flashy jewelry and a military-cut corp suit. It’s obvious she understands the concept of style, even though she is out of her element. She commands silent authority and probably has not had to shout for years. Your partners nod agreement to your unasked question. You know that, in a pinch, you could kill her, along with any muscle she might have hired.

          “Good. Follow me.” She turns and heads for an empty corner booth, sheltered somewhat from the pounding music on the stage. The place is going to be jumping in another hour. The dance floor is already a madhouse, with dancers bumping and twirling to the steady beat of 16 MaxMaster speakers. She sits down and launches into a rapid sales pitch, beginning before you even have a chance to sit down.

          “Good evening, my name is uh … Johnson. I am looking for some professionals to assist my employers in retrieving some stolen property. The job must be carried out by a low-profile group that can recover the goods with a minimum of attention. The opportunity could prove extremely fruitful, both in terms of nuyen and status. Unfortunately, time is of the essence and I cannot give you time to deliberate. My question is a simple one: Are you the people I have been looking for?”

          “Excellent. As I am sure you realize, this is not exactly the place for a business meeting. We will meet at The Banshee at exactly 1:00 A.M. Do not be late. When you get there, ask for Urlan. You will be directed to the meeting from there. Are there any questions about the meeting place? If not, I suggest we all leave. Do not attempt to follow me; it would strain our budding relationship.”

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Dreamchipper-Part 1

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