Dreamchipper-Part 1A

          A single street samurai leaves closely following Mr. Johnson. He carries a katana and a large handgun both holstered. Silently you wonder how he managed to get such heavy hardware into this place when you were forced to strip practically to the skin to get in here.

          A small man in dingy synth-leathers glances your way then follows Mr. Johnson and her bodyguard out the door.

          Thinking fast, Doc probes this man’s mind as he departs. This man is Ferret, a cheap guttersnipe who works any job for a few nuyen. He knows only that he is supposed to follow the lady and stay unobserved and then report to phone number 567-2384. He is to tell the voice on the other end of the line any details about the time and location of the next meet and any information he can identify about anyone that the lady talks to. He was hired over the phone and is to be paid 100¥ with the possibility of further jobs afterwords.

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Dreamchipper-Part 1A

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