GT Board Meeting

A meeting that will probably determine whether or not Global Technologies sells to Hollywood Simsense Entertainment or not. It is in Urlan’s favor to have the Prototype SimSense Chips before that meeting, for they will likely be the sway on the takeover.

It seems likely that Thomas Martelli Junior would want the sale to go through, probably for control of Global Technologies, so he stole the Prototype SimSense Chips so Urlan has mismanaged the business, and force him out. He could then facilliate the transaction to merge with HSE, and be promoted to president of Global Technologies, then hire Tee Hee back and sell the chips himself?

The Prototype SimSense Chips were reacquired and returned to Roxanne Wunter. She expressed Urlan’s appreciation and offered that we call her if ever needed.

..Results of meeting…

GT Board Meeting

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